Bespoke Fabrications

Made to measure

If our standard product offer does not fit within the space you have available, you may need our bespoke fabrication service. We can supply customised products which are made to fit your requirements. Our bespoke fabrications are across many markets and range from component parts to full fabricated assemblies. Our fabrication service offers products in  various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel.


Varied materials and finishes

At the Sanitaryware Supplies Company, we can offer a range of materials for our bespoke products, rather than just the standard stainless steel as our main offering, meaning you can achieve your desired look and match your applications to the décor of your washroom or general installation.

We can also offer different finishes for the bespoke fabrications we supply (for example a wash trough can be galvanised to provide a rustic look for a pub washroom) meaning that you can create a themed washroom which is suited to the business sector or environment.

All the materials and finishes we offer are still hard wearing like our standard products, ensuring that your washroom will stand the test of time.

Our experienced team can help…

With over 35 years of knowledge across all materials, products, designs and manufacturing processes, our team at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company have the expertise needed to advise you on the best products for your use. We can see whether our standard products will be suitable for your washroom or whether they may need to be adapted, and discuss with you which is the best material to meet your specification.

Need your washroom completed quickly? Here at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company, we have one of the shortest bespoke lead times in the market, meaning we can meet late demands and ensure that we can supply bespoke fabrications as and when you need them, no matter what your requirements.

Bespoke Design Service
Bespoke Design Service
Bespoke Design Service

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We would love to help you decide on the ideal bespoke fabrications for your washroom, so speak to one of our professional team on 01157 842769 for more information on the products and services we offer.

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