5 Tips for Water Conservation in Your Commercial Washroom

Water Conservation and saving water has never been more important.  Not only is wasting water a drain on your own finances, it has a huge knock-on effect for the wider environment.  As a responsible company who are naturally concerned about social issues as well as saving money, it makes sense to fit out a commercial washroom with water saving taps, energy efficient hand dryers and more besides.  But where do you start when it comes to finding the best products and services?

In this guide, we will take a quick look at everything you need to know about saving water in your commercial washroom.  Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we want to offer our customers leading brands and products which can help take the strain of water wastage off of our environment, and off your water usage bills.  Here are five tips and ideas to help you get started.


Not Using Water?  Turn it Off

Traditional washrooms use a variety of different taps and water features.  Many of these, sadly, are still manual.  Manual taps and water releases are hugely inefficient, as they can be left to cast water down the drain even when not in use.  Not everyone, sadly, is well-educated when it comes to water conservation.

Whether it is yourself, your colleagues employees or customers, it is crucial that you extoll the virtues of saving water in your environment.  If you do still use manual taps, make sure to encourage users to close them after each use.  Otherwise, water will continue flowing through and out of the building, which will naturally be a huge waste.


Use Water Saving Taps

Electronic tap AQUA134

Water saving taps are inarguably the future of commercial washroom standards.  Did you know that, within three years of installation, you could save up to £4,000 by introducing water smart systems?  This is big news for your regular billing, and what’s more, the environment will thank you for it.  But is it easy to find and set up water saving taps?

Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we care deeply about the environment – which is why we’re always pleased to promote self-closing and smart sensor taps.  These systems will stop working once the time flow operation is complete or a user is no longer detected.  Therefore, there is no more risk of water unnecessarily spilling down the drains.  It means that you won’t have to keep tabs on users every five minutes, and you certainly won’t have to worry about rising bills.  Take it from us – switching from manual to self closing or automatic taps may be the best choice you make in terms of saving water in the long run.


Encourage Responsible Water Use

Unfortunately, there may be some people out there who fail to see the urgency in saving water.  By introducing electronic taps and self-closing systems, you won’t really be giving bathroom users much of an option – which may be the best way to go around things.

However, it is always a good idea to encourage responsible bathroom use.  Not only should you install electronic and self-closing taps, you should make it clear to users what their personal impact could be on the environment and on rising costs.  The more people you are clear with on this matter, the more people are likely to be receptive to your suggestions.

Making sure that people understand when and when not to use taps or flushing systems will also be a big help in the long run.  Upgrading your systems is just a fantastic start.  However, to be able to save water for years to come, your whole workforce is going to need to understand their personal impacts.


Upgrade Your Whole Commercial Bathroom

Delabie female toilet door sign

Self-closing and electronic taps are just the beginning.  Water saving taps alone can save money and water consumption by staggering amounts.  However, you could be doing even more for your budget and the outside world by completely refitting your bathroom suite.

For example, consider installing energy-efficient options such as sensor flushing toilets and smart flush urinals.  Fit smaller cisterns in your cubicles, too.  While you are thinking along these lines, it may also be worth looking into installing energy efficient hand dryers.  When it comes to boosting the efficiency and responsibility of your washroom, there is no sense in just replacing one or two fixtures.  You’re going to need to think deeply about how your bathroom affects the environment as a whole.

There is little point, for example, in installing water saving taps alone when you are wasting water through inefficient systems elsewhere.  Self-closing taps are a fantastic start – but you must continue in your approach to upgrading your bathrooms and washrooms for the better.


Find a Responsible Washroom Supplier

Sanitaryware Supplies endeavours to make sure that the services and products we provide offer savings to our customers long-term, and that they have no detrimental impact on the world around us.  Rather than buy cheap, potentially harmful systems, it makes sense to opt for affordable, cost-effective bathroom and washroom solutions which will save you money for years to come.  What’s more, it will help to cement your brand as a responsible and proactive name in energy and water conservation.

We have a variety of products and supplies which will help to enhance your washroom services for the better.  What’s more, they will work in tandem to ensure that you are conserving water and energy throughout years and years of use.  Consider how much money you could be saving through electronic taps alone!


Getting Started

Getting started with energy-efficient washroom supplies doesn’t have to be difficult.  We present a wealth of affordable options to all our customers for simple installation, and what’s more, they will help to increase bathroom efficiency and lower costs for you.

Struggling to keep tabs on your water expenditure?  Let us help.  Take a look at our online catalogue where there are numerous choices of product and data sheets. Let us know if you are looking for anything in particular to upgrade your washroom services with. Give us a call on 01157 842769, and let’s start thinking about saving water and energy for the generations to come.

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