Are your Disabled Facilities Accessible Enough?

If you run public facilities, whether part of council services, a business or otherwise, it is important to offer and support as wide an access as possible to those who are likely to be taking advantage of what you offer.  Across the years, it has become essential for corporate and public facilities to bring in more comprehensive and accessible features and aids to cater to those who may be disabled or unable to access certain areas by physical means.  It is incredibly important that everyone feels welcome and supported enough to use your facilities – wherever or whatever they may be – and to that end, you need to consider just how effective your strategy is at welcoming and aiding those who may need an additional helping hand.

Make Sure They are Up to Scratch

It really makes sense to run a regular audit on your disabled facilities.  After all, it makes sense to want to appeal to and to cater to as many people as possible, and simple, functional disabled facilities are incredibly sought-after.  It is prudent to lead the way in terms of disabled access and more besides – particularly as there are even big names and brands out there who may be offering less than the standard that many people expect or require.  When it comes to setting up and maintaining disabled facilities, toilets and bathrooms, Sanitaryware have a range of lucrative tools and accessories which you can use to ensure your disabled visitors have a comfortable and welcome stay.

Cater to all User’s Needs

From accessible self-closing tap systems to DOCM specification shower and toilet packs, we support a wide range of bathroom and accessibility accessories which you can put together to create a safe, working space for anyone who may need it.  While it may seem simple to put together a basic bathroom or arrangement of facilities, you are going to need to closely consider all of the likely needs of those who are to take advantage of what you have to offer.  Do your current facilities allow for disabled visitors to easily look after themselves without the need for additional support?  Does recent feedback suggest that more could be done to enhance your disabled outlook?  It may be time to start considering making a few changes here and there.

Making changes to your disabled facilities doesn’t need to be expensive, nor tricky.  The Sanitaryware Supplies Company Ltd have a huge range of cost-effective essentials which will weather years of use – and which will be widely welcomed and put to great use by those in need of them.  In this day and age, neglecting your disabled access focus simply isn’t worth risking – therefore, it’s a good idea to run a regular, comprehensive audit to make sure you are catering to as many people as possible.

If you are currently overseeing changes to your disabled access or would like to know more about how to best enhance these facilities, our team can help.  Call us directly on 01157 842769 or email us if you have any specific needs – and we’ll be more than happy to help you!


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