Why We Are One of the Leading Commercial Online Sanitary Ware Suppliers in the UK

As long as there is a need to provide a public service, there will be a need for sanitary ware.  Across hospitals, hotels, offices and more, it’s never been more important to make sure your team and your public have access to everything they need to keep clean.  Every member of your workforce will expect to be able to use sanitary equipment that is clean, appealing, and unlikely to cause them any hygienic distress!

Not only that, but it’s important to show your public, your clients and your employees that you genuinely care about hygiene standards.  Are you looking for online sanitary ware suppliers who can help you fit out your washrooms or clinical spaces?  Are you in need of a full renovation, or are you setting up a whole new area?

Regardless of the business you run, and the services you require, Sanitaryware Supplies is here to ensure you have access to the best equipment at the best prices.  While you may previously have thought about buying wholesale from a physical store or supplier, what is it that sets our online store apart from the pack?


Buy Supplies Wholly Online

In a day and age where so many of us are dependent on buying equipment and products online, it makes sense to look for local online sanitary ware suppliers.  While it may be tempting to look at supplies up close and personal, things sometimes aren’t so easy!  Therefore, it’s time to start considering your best options for finding sanitary products on the web.

online sanitary ware suppliersSanitaryware Supplies is a long-established firm with scores of leading products from leading brands and our own manufactured brand, available through our online store.  We’re making it easy for our customers to find that supply and service they need without having to worry about making the wrong choices.  We supply as much detail as we can in our product descriptions, and what’s more, you’ll be able to take a close look at all the product specifications  before you buy from us. We are also at the end of the telephone for any particular product detail you may need.

Buying online means that you can easily arrange to have all your sanitary ware products delivered in bulk.  It’ll save you time and energy in having to pick everything up in person, which would otherwise mean you having to run your own car or van to your local depot.  Delivery from our online store is fast, affordable, and the ideal solution for any business owners otherwise unable to get out and about to pick up supplies.


Save Money and Energy

Sanitaryware Supplies is a leading name in the provision of low-cost sanitary products for commercial use.  Not only will you have access to competitive rates when you first buy from us, you’ll also benefit from long-term savings.  For example, we offer smart tap systems which will switch off as soon as they are not in use, saving you money in terms of water bills.  Our hand dryers, too, are available in eco-friendly varieties, meaning that if you’re keen to be sustainable as well as to cut down on regular costs, these choices are likely to be perfect for you.

Being a sustainable service provider and employer is crucial in the modern age.  More and more people are cluing into what it means to protect the planet and the environment.  If your company is wasting water regularly through inefficient toilet or sink standards, you are unlikely to come across positively to many clients!

Investing in energy-efficient supplies from Sanitaryware Supplies is, therefore, doubly beneficial for both you and your customers and users.  Save money on your energy bills, and make sure to show your public that you genuinely care about the planet.  In the modern age, sustainability is admirable – and well worth investing in.


Find Everything You Need

Sanitaryware Supplies is proud to offer a huge variety of different washroom, clinical and toiletry supplies.  Not only can we help you to upgrade your urinal systems and cubicles, we’ll also help to ensure that your customers and team have access to clean, efficient hand washing and drying facilities.  Not only do we offer washroom accessories and features, but also sluices, taps and sinks for medical purposes.  We support a wide variety of professional cleaning and sanitary ware products built to benefit scores of industries across the UK.

It’s important that you look to an experienced retailer for help with sanitary ware, plumbing and more.  We all depend on efficient plumbing and cleaning – both at home and at work.  That’s why it’s crucial you take sanitary ware so important.  Inefficient systems and products are not only likely to aggravate and annoy your patrons but are also likely to do damage to your reputation.

Beyond this, if you don’t fit your washroom facilities or medical areas with the right equipment, you are at risk of spreading bacteria and illness.  In the current climate, the utmost in hygiene is imperative.  Therefore, if you want to ensure your workforce and your customers stay healthy, you must be ready to stock up on the right supplies.


Why Choose Sanitaryware Supplies?

Over years of building experience and expertise in our industry, Sanitaryware Supplies has become a leading name in providing supplies, sinks and fittings to commercial buildings and medical services alike.  We’re proud to be able to keep people clean and safe through all that they do.  We are online sanitary ware suppliers offering cost-effective products and services to a variety of businesses.

If your washroom or medical facility is in need of an overhaul, or if you are building new facilities for a building upgrade, it is time you took a close look at our range of services and supplies.  Available online and continuing to deliver to customers across the region, we’re here to help you stock out your cleaning spaces without hassle or fuss.

Take a look at our sinks, taps, dryers, toilet facilities, sluices and more.  We’re even happy to help you with bespoke design and manufacturing needs – why not get in touch with our team today on 01157 842769 to learn more about what we can do for you?



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