The Importance of Quality Commercial Toilets and Urinals

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When you run a commercial business, you are going to need to uphold an image.  Not only that, but you need to protect the health of everyone who uses your services.  That covers customers, external clients and, of course, your employees.  Ultimately, it’s crucial that you install and use commercial toilets and urinals which are water efficient, cost-effective and clean for everyday use.  Without a good commercial washroom, you aren’t really showing a duty of care.

That’s why we are always so pleased to offer our customers amazing quality washroom accessories and commercial toilets and urinals.  While it may not seem like something you need to think much about when setting up an office or building, your washroom facilities should always be in clear focus.  We supply companies with a huge array of fantastic contemporary plumbing and washroom facilities, which means you can always turn to our team and catalogue for everything you need.


A Matter of Cost

Investing in quality commercial toilets and urinals is a matter of cost in the long run.  Some companies may not be keen to pay too much upfront for quality toilets and urinals, however, think of the costs you’ll save in maintenance.  The best contemporary toilets on the market are extremely efficient, which means that they are also built to last.  Toilets are used every single day, which of course means you should look for systems which are going to resist constant wear and tear of sorts.

Efficient, durable systems are always going to be at the top of your shopping list.  However, it is understandable that you may wish to think differently about investing in commercial toilets and urinals if, for example, you only have limited funds.

That’s why we always make sure to offer quality urinals and toilet systems which are fantastic value.  We never compromise quality in our products for the prices we offer you.  Therefore, for minimal investment, you can always expect exceptional quality supplies and durable results.


A Matter of Presentation

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Consider any visits you have made to public buildings in the past.  One of the major things that can put people off a service is if they have a poor-quality washroom.  While keeping bathrooms and public toilets clean and hygienic is imperative, so too is investing in efficient systems.  A urinal which regularly clogs up or where water rises to the surface is going to look badly on any firm having invested.  If you are a modern business trying to make leads, you should always present good face.

While it may sound bizarre, one of the biggest ways you are going to receive judgement is for your commercial toilets and urinals.  These are some of the most basic conveniences that everyone uses each day.  Therefore, if you cannot even offer good quality toilet systems as part of your public service, there may be little faith in your ability to offer anything more.  Trust us when we say that people certainly pay attention to your toilets, even if they have no prior interest in what they look like.


A Matter of Hygiene

There is a strong argument for top quality commercial toilets and urinals in the fact that advanced systems are more hygienic.  Think about how much you need to clean older toilets and systems.  The more basic a toilet system or unit can be, the more hassle it could be to get clean.  For example, not all urinals are self-cleaning or flush away debris so easily.  Some will need a lot more care and attention, which ties in back with what we advise above about maintenance.

Modern toilets are hygienic by design.  They will, of course, always need cleaning deeply on a regular basis.  However, modern toilets have smart flushes, energy efficient operation and work harder to remove germs.  Others will have smart flush mechanisms, which means you can take a more hands-off approach to literally flushing anything away.  Once again, this ties in nicely with maintenance and upkeep, as it means that less cleaning is needed.


A Matter of Efficiency

Ceramic toilet urinal Easy D 2Older commercial toilets and urinals can be a nightmare to work with.  Some will fail to flush properly, while others will break down after only a short use.  Modern systems are built to last, as well as to continually clean and freshen.  Commercial toilets are those which are likely to see constant use throughout a week.  They will see more traffic and use than an average home toilet, which means they need to be more durable and more resistant in the face of bacteria.

They also need to be more efficient.  They should offer quicker flushing and quicker cleaning.  In all lines of business, time is money, which means that any employees using commercial toilets shouldn’t expect slowdowns to their day simply by going to the toilet.  What’s more, clients and customers expect a smooth process – older toilets and urinals can be genuinely hard work to deal with.


Why Choose Sanitaryware Supplies?

Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we’re always pleased to offer businesses the opportunity to upgrade their commercial washrooms and toilet facilities.  We work with leading brands and manufacturers from all over the world, and the top names in their industry, too.  From reliable wall hung urinals from Franke, to modern facilities and wc pans from Delabie, we have all the solutions you need for a bespoke commercial washroom.  We even provide traditional cisterns and smart flushing valves on behalf of Thomas Dudley, one of the best-known commercial plumbing brands in the business.

Sanitaryware Supplies is always pleased to help you with a wide range of different commercial toilet and urinal choices.  With that in mind, consider your own commercial toilet spaces.  Are your facilities doing enough for your team, your clients and your public?  It might be time to start thinking about an upgrade or two – which will be cost-effective, efficient and hygienic for years to come.

Take a look at our catalogue or, if you prefer, call our team on 01157 842769 and let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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