Which Commercial Toilets and Urinals Should You Opt For?

When it comes to setting up commercial bathrooms and washrooms, you should be careful in making the most cost-effective, professional choices for your office or public building. Believe it or not, many people are going to judge you on how you care for and maintain your toilet and washbasin spaces! You’re going to need commercial toilets which are not only convenient and hygienic, but which also look the part. The best facilities for you, your team and your clients can really go a long way.

Therefore, you should take care when looking for the best commercial toilets and urinals available on the market. But how do you really know which looks and systems are going to benefit you the most? It’s not always easy to tell. Therefore, here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we want to offer you a helping hand. Take a look through our complete catalogue of systems and units online, but not before reading this full guide on what to expect when you start shopping around.


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Why Do Commercial Toilet Choices Matter?

The commercial toilets and urinals you choose are going to matter hugely when it comes to the accessibility, health and wellbeing of the people who come in and out of your building. For example, you should always be sure to set up flushing urinals which are easy to clean, are durable, and which flush through regularly. You should also look for toilets and urinals which are efficient through water saving, and which are likely to withstand considerable use in the months and years to come.

Setting up the best commercial urinal and toilet systems for your commercial washroom might be as simple as looking for a cistern or two with the correct efficient volume for good, deep flushes. The more efficient the flush, the more likely it is able to get rid of dirt and debris. You should really think carefully about how you are going to make things more efficient for your cleaners.

However, you should also focus on the look of your toilet systems. You shouldn’t leave a commercial washroom or bathroom to fester with toilet designs and fittings which are outdated or inefficient. Think carefully about what people are likely to demand from their bathroom facilities over time. They really aren’t going to want to fuss around with older toilets and urinals which slow them down or make things extra unhygienic.


Think About Costs

You should, of course, keep costs in mind. We’d wager that many people looking at installing a toilet will want to save as much money as possible at the point of sale. However, you are going to need to think about which systems will work best for you in the long run, too. This means that you will need to consider the efficiency of the cisterns you buy, and whether or not your units are likely to flush through regularly or just need a planned cycle flush. After all, the more water you use, the more likely charges and fees will spike in the months to come, so fitting an intelligent urinal flush control will help.

Consideration should also be given to waterless urinals which offer even more savings in water and water costs. Odours are controlled both above and below the bowl with unique cartridge systems.

However, you should also think about how toilets which are easy to clean are likely to work out best for you financially. Think about the amount of time cleaners could spend scrubbing hard into toilet systems which simply don’t do their jobs. You’re going to need a toilet or urinal which is instantly protective against germs and viruses. The easier a toilet is to clean, the less time your cleaners are going to need to spend getting them looking and performing as they should. This, of course, is going to save you money. It might not seem as though this works out too cost-effective right away, though you might be surprised!


Hygiene is Key

The number one concern for your commercial toilet and bathroom is, of course, hygiene. If the recent coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak is anything to go by, it’s clear that we all need to be more vigilant about cleaning our toilets and surfaces we come into contact regularly. Otherwise, many people are going to end up getting very ill indeed.

Therefore, look for the most hygienic options first and foremost. Sanitaryware Supplies focus on providing the most hygienic and effective toilet and bathroom options for commercial purposes – the clue is, of course, in our name!

Take a look through our commercial toilet and urinal catalogue services and make sure to get in touch with our team on 01157 842769 to let us know if we can be of any further help to you. We want to make sure you keep your team and your public as protected as possible.

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