Commercial Washroom Accessories – Which Ones to Choose?

Commercial washroom standards are extremely important, not only is it  a necessity for businesses but it’s often underestimated. A washroom has the potential to influence the perceptions and behaviours of its users, whether it’s employees, visitors or customers alike. And yet so few businesses are aware of the benefits a welcoming washroom can bring.  Not only do you need to make sure that you offer comfort and accessibility to your staff, visitors and customers, but you also want to give off a good impression, so you should look to optimise every part of the washroom experience . This is where washroom accessories are often overlooked.

A commercial bathroom or washroom without the latest accessories or accessory systems is going to seem very lackluster, and often unhygienic.  Believe it or not, even if you are the best salesperson on the planet, if you are showing your potential clients a poorly stocked or poorly kept bathroom with overflowing bins and dirty accessories it  won’t encourage consumer confidence and you are likely going to risk sealing an all-important deal!  Therefore, it’s high time you thought about which commercial washroom accessories you, your team and your visitors actually need.

At Sanitaryware Supplies, we offer a huge variety of modern standards which are easy to maintain and clean.  What’s more, we work with leading names in the business to make sure that users are as comfortable as possible from use to use.  There is simply no excuse in presenting outdated commercial washroom accessories!


C-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser - white

The Basics

Of course, there are always going to be a standards that all commercial washrooms should have.  If you don’t already make use of these, then it’s time to run a thorough audit!  For example, all commercial washrooms should have somewhere convenient to access towels and toilet roll from.  The last thing your users are going to want to do is fumble around for toilet paper from a solitary roll or an untidy stack.  Whether you choose to keep them fully contained or hung on a simple roll holder will depend on the location and user traffic.

What’s more, you should offer your washroom users plenty of options when it comes to drying their hands.  Dry hands are hygienic hands.  It’s crucial that your team, for example, makes sure that their hands are completely dry after washing before returning to work. Therefore, you should focus on installing leading hand dryer systems, which are extremely energy efficient and dry the hands quickly and effectively

However, you may prefer paper towel systems as everyone has the right to individual preference.  That being said, you need to strike the right balance.  More and more companies are being scrutinised for their commitment to looking after the planet. Recent climate conservancy reports that for each use, hand dryers cause between 9 and 40 grams of carbon dioxide emissions, whereas paper towels have an average of 56 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. Which option is going to be more efficient for you, and which is going to look better environmentally on you in the long run – an electric dryer, or a towel dispenser?  That’s something you will need to carefully decide.


Hygiene Standards

Of course, all commercial washrooms should receive full cleaning around the clock.  A dirty washroom is one which is going to put everyone at risk from unwanted bacteria.  That’s your team, your clients and your customers.  Therefore, consider setting up commercial washroom products such as stylish soap dispensers that have  minimal or no touch functionality.  Therefore, you are immediately reducing the risk of spreading bacteria.  Soft touch systems are very popular for everyday use.

Bad washroom odours can occur for a variety of reasons and levels of disgust towards bad hygiene are more likely to be amplified by a bad smelling washroom than one that smells pleasant. Good air care solutions can remove bad smells by filtering, cleaning and freshening the air. You may  wish to make things more pleasant for users by installing a stylish air freshener dispenser or an ozone odour eliminator. Flexible for you to affix a scent or fragrance of your choice, an air freshener dispenser or an odour eliminator will do a lot to help transform the feel of your washroom.  A messy washroom is one problem, but a smelly one is a different issue altogether.

You should also focus on installing drainage support for urinals.  Urinals and toilets may work more efficiently now than ever before, however, with grate seal bucket traps and floor grate seals, you can help to stop smelly drains! A permanent one-way valve is maintenance-free and easily fitted into your drains.


Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer - polished stainless steel

Energy Efficiency

We’ve mentioned this above, briefly, but it bears repeating.  We all need to start thinking about saving energy.  Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we support a wide range of hand drying facilities as well as other electrical standards which consume extremely low amounts of energy and reduce the carbon footprint.  They switch off as soon as they are not in use.  This means that you not only save money, but you also get to clamp down on carbon emissions you or your company produce.  It’s a win-win scenario.

Showing that you are conscious of your effects on the environment is crucial.  Why not take a look at our range of energy efficient commercial washroom accessories?



It may not seem as though commercial washroom standards should be too high up on your list of priorities.  However, you may well be surprised! Gone are the days of functional, merely fit for purpose washrooms. Today, quite the opposite applies. Customers expect much more from their consumer experience and the washroom is an integral aspect of that.  Keep your washroom clean and fitted with the latest in support and commercial washroom accessories to help keep people safe, and to give off the best impression.

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