How Can Our Custom Fabrication Abilities Benefit Your Business?

custom fabricationWhen it comes to effectively managing hygiene and protecting your team – and customers – from day to day – you may need more than just a simple, standalone unit or washbasin. The fact is, keeping hygiene standards at an optimal level takes genuine time and effort. In a day and age where we are faced with threats such as COVID-19, it has never been more important to consider looking into custom fabrication for your medical or workspace sanitation.

Sanitaryware Supplies is proud to work with an array of experienced designers and engineers to help produce custom metal fabrication for a wide array of washroom, medical and hygienic purposes, as well as general fabrications. Therefore, if your unit or centre needs a specific setup that you just can’t achieve through default fixtures and fittings, we will always be only too happy to oblige. If you haven’t considered custom metal fabrication for your washtroughs, urinals, sinks, sluices, and workspaces before, now may be the time to take advantage of your local expertise.


Protect the People You Care For

Essentially, while there are plenty of great resources and fittings that can and will help you to keep your workspace or washroom and centre as clean and as hygienic as possible, there may be circumstances where you need something a little more specific to your needs. Ultimately, environments such as operating theatres, diagnosis rooms and laboratories are going to need extremely intuitive and sensitive design to help keep hygiene at an impeccable standard.

Hygiene has become a drastic priority for more people than ever before in this past year. While we should always be keeping our washrooms and workspaces hygienic for private and public use, the pandemic has brought widespread hygiene concerns into the mainstream. How can we be sure that we are doing enough to protect the people who work with us, and the people we serve? It takes more than hand sanitiser and social distancing to curb the spread of airborne or aerosol viruses.

Sanitaryware’s experience in bespoke fabrication for workplaces and healthcare services allows us to create hygiene solutions that you can genuinely rely on. We understand that keeping clean and keeping safe is not always a simple endeavour. That’s why, in many circumstances, opting for custom fabrication could be an asset in helping to protect the people around you.

We work closely with all our clients to develop solutions from our catalogue built specifically for their needs.


Why Go Bespoke?

sanitaryware bespoke custom fabrication serviceThere are many reasons why choosing custom metal fabrication for sanitary workplace solutions makes efficient sense. While there are catch-all solutions that will provide fantastic protection across the board, there are sometimes complex problems and issues that health centres and medical facilities approach us with – and this means we always need to consider the bespoke plan of attack in all that we do.

So – we make sure to take a close look at everything you need. This means running a thorough audit of your facilities (safely, within government guidelines), and assessing the regular traffic you are likely to witness through your working areas. What are you likely to need  working spaces for? Are there any improvements we can make to your environment to help make managing hygiene simpler and more efficient?

This, ultimately, is the goal. If there are ways in which we can support your needs through simple, default installations, then we will advise as such. However, if there is a need for more complex, bespoke stainless steel fabrication, then our team will make relevant, reasoned suggestions and recommendations to you along the way.

Crucially, when we consult with you, we will find out the facts we need to know. We will work on blueprints with you to design and produce hygienic solutions that are both cost-effective and supportive for the years ahead.

In the post-COVID age, businesses and healthcare professionals are clearer more than ever on what they need to do to improve and upgrade their hygiene handling abilities. For many, that will start with changing out one or more of their existing fixtures and fittings.


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Sanitaryware Supplies offers a huge range of workplace and medical facility fittings and fixtures designed to help stem the spread of bacteria and viruses. However, if you do need additional support from a system that is tailored to your needs, then we will always be happy to set up custom fabrication with you.

Call us now or book a consultation with us online and let’s start protecting your workplace for the better.


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