Grate Seal solves school shower smells

Grate Seal products are proving a hit with schools, leisure centres and multi-level buildings after being introduced to the UK market in December 2017 by Sanitaryware Supplies Company.

Developed in Australia, Grate Seal products are being used successfully to solve drainage issues in the showers at a 900+ pupil grammar school in Greater Manchester.

The school was built 10 years ago and, although a modern design, foul odours and waste from the drains were emitted through the grate in the showers. The smells and problems persisted in spite of regular cleaning of the sewers by the school.

The customer explained: “It was a large walk-in shower and the waste and smell from the drains were coming through the grate. We tried cleaning the sewers and using disinfectant to clear the grate, but nothing would work. Eventually, after searching the internet for solutions, we stumbled upon Grate Seal.

“The Sanitaryware Supplies Company provided the products which, within minutes of installing, stopped the problems we were having. We have since used another Grate Seal product in a washing machine room and, yet again, the problems were immediately brought to a halt. I’d definitely recommend the Grate Seal products to anyone with drainage issues.”

The easy to install Grate Seal products eliminate bad smells, stop insects from passing through the grates and prevent suds and waste from rising through the top.

The products, stocked only by Sanitaryware Supplies Company in the UK, are a permanent solution to drainage problems and are completely maintenance free.

The Grate Seal products come in a number of sizes: 50mm, 100mm/80mm, Stubby 100mm, Bucket Trap and Bucket Trap Basket, making them a solution for virtually every internal grate.

Unlike other drainage solutions on the market, they are made out of a single piece of rubber and can be installed to both new and existing facilities.

To find out more about the exclusive UK distribution of the Grate Seal products, please visit here. Or, to view the range of high quality products available at Sanitaryware Supplies, please visit our online shop here or give us a call on 01157 842769.

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