Grateseal fixes smelly drains

The benefits of grateseal

Grateseal is great for stopping smelly drains! Our product is a permanent one-way valve, maintenance-free and easily fitted into your drains. Installed in the pipe riser separate from the drainage outlet, it means that it works regardless of whether the water seal is one hundred percent effective. You can install GrateSeal into shower drains and floor wastes; it is a flexible piece rubber seal that does wonders! It stops odours and is a permanent and cost-effective solution to stopping smelly drains. With no alteration to the existing outlet, it is maintenance-free and easy to install and uninstall. Suitable for all size and type pipes, GrateSeal stops suds rising through the floor grates and also prevents insects from travelling through as well. GrateSeal is guaranteed to help you live without the terrible odour of smelly drains.

Easy to install

As leaders in the market category, Grate Seal offers the convenience of being able to be installed or uninstalled within minutes. No longer do you need to remove tiles, concrete or waterproof or gyprock replacement followed by setting and painting. Installation requires removing the grate and any grime from the upper part of the riser pipe then squeeze and fold the rubber seal to allow it to be inserted into the riser pipe then release it and massage it to ensure that it is sitting tightly against the pipe wall. Once this is done, which will have taken hardly any time at all, replace the grate and no more smelly drains! Grate Seal one-way valve (GS01) of one hundred to eighty millimetres that can be retro-fitted into four-inch or one hundred millimetres, or three-inch/eighty millimetre floor. The fifty millimetre Grate Seal (GS50) can be fitted into two-inch or fifty millimetre floor. We also offer a Grate Seal Bucket Trap which fits in the drainage riser pipe. Further to those, there is a Grate Seal Stubby of one hundred millimetres and is  permanent and maintenance-free. GrateSeal is a Watermarked rubber one-way valve that allows for water flow even through shower drains. Our product stops smelly drains, airborne mould and bacteria, insects, suds and even noise.



What our clients say 

We not only pride ourselves on delivering a salient product to solve your smelly drains or insects coming through the grate but we deliver outstanding customer service and sales support. One client, David Munday said ‘laundry floor overflow drain didn’t have a trap or S-bend and really smelled. We found Grate Seal online and spoke to them to cross check the application and the response was really friendly and helpful. The part arrived in the post 24hrs after the order went through and slipped in through the drain cover opening with a nip and squeeze and it sealed up in the down pipe. 30 seconds. Job done. Instant solution. Perfect solution’.

Grate Seal products were also used successfully to solve drainage issues in the showers at a 900+ pupil grammar school in Greater Manchester.

The school was built 10 years ago and, although a modern design, foul odours and waste from the drains were emitted through the grate in the showers. The smells and problems persisted in spite of regular cleaning of the sewers by the school.

The school explained: “It was a large walk-in shower and the waste and smell from the drains were coming through the grate. We tried cleaning the sewers and using disinfectant to clear the grate, but nothing would work. Eventually, after searching the internet for solutions, we stumbled upon Grate Seal.

“The Sanitaryware Supplies Company provided the products which, within minutes of installing, stopped the problems we were having. We have since used another Grate Seal product in a washing machine room and, yet again, the problems were immediately brought to a halt. I’d definitely recommend the Grate Seal products to anyone with drainage issues.”

To find out more about the exclusive UK distribution of the Grate Seal products, please visit here. Or, to view the range of high quality products available at Sanitaryware Supplies, please visit our online shop here or give us a call on 01157 842769.


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