Happiness is a washroom in the workplace

Happiness is…. A washroom in the workplace


Did you know that washrooms in the workplace can dramatically increase happiness? A survey from Bupa earlier this year found that washrooms are being used by office workers as vital social spaces – a places where they feel comfortable having a two-minute chat with a colleague that they miss out on due to workload.

It is estimated that six million UK employees do not leave their desks at lunchtime and 28% do not take a break at all.And it’s not just the creation of social spaces in the workplace, washroom facilities also encourage a healthier workforce. Having shower facilities can encourage staff to cycle or run to work.

Sanitaryware Supplies Company has recently teamed up with Franke Sissons to stock its range of stylish and high quality washroom products. Franke Sissons has over 230 years of experience in providing washroom solutions for a variety of sectors, and its commercial range of products don’t disappoint. The collection of washroom accessories is designed to be robust, yet have a modern look, making the products ideal for a contemporary commercial washroom or for adding the final touches to a brand new design.

Under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, an employer must provide suitable and sanitary conveniences in readily accessible places. They must be kept in a clean and orderly condition, must be well ventilated and lit, and be separated for men and women.

If you want to improve the washrooms in your workplace, here are some simple tips:

Ensure there’s always a good supply of toilet paper

Our Jumbo wall-mounted toilet roll dispensers are an ideal solution as it has been proven that less paper is used that with individual sheet dispensers, ensuring you’ll run out less often.

Keep it clean

Battery operated sensor taps give a no-touch hand washing process helping keep the potential spread of bug and germs to a minimum

Eliminate bad smells

If you have a shower in your washroom, you may notice bad smell and waste from the drains coming through the grate. Grate Seal® can solve this problem. It is manufactured from a single piece of rubber, incorporating a silver-based bactericide, which prevents microbes from reproducing thus avoiding a build-up of biofilm

Swap paper towels for a hand dryer

Swapping paper towels for a hand dryer means that a number of issues are also removed – constant restocking of the dispenser unit, toilet blockages and the disposal of the used towels. Hand dryers tick the boxes of the three key factors people look for in a public washroom – design, functionality and cleanliness, and they’re cost efficient to run!

For more ideas and advice on how to make your workplace WCs more welcoming, speak to the knowledgeable team at SSC. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in out online shop, here, our team will work with you to develop a cost-effective bespoke solution. Get in touch with us directly on 01157 842769 and we’ll help you find a solution.

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