Why Invest in Quality Healthcare Scrub Sinks and Infection Control Sinks?

2020 was a challenging year for most people across the UK. However, it was perhaps most challenging for those working in healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic has brought forward a number of challenges which our hard-working healthcare professionals are continuing to face day in, day out. More and more, their need for infection control sinks and hospital scrub sinks has grown as part of a changing need in infection control.

Hygiene is, of course, incredibly important. However, the pandemic has shown starkly how crucial hand washing and surface cleansing is in everyday life. Not only can we fight against COVID-19 with regular sanitising and surface / utensil cleaning, but we can also help to fight back against other viral diseases, illness-causing bacteria and more.

If you operate a medical or care facility in the UK, now might be the time for you to consider upgrading your working and washing facilities for the months and years to come.


Surgical Scrub-up Trough with High Splashback – Hospital scrub sinks -700mm x 440mmWhy Infection Control Sinks Are Important

What we do know about viruses and bacteria is that there is always a risk that they can linger on surfaces and implements in all kinds of settings. In healthcare settings, for example, these risks may be higher than most.

While COVID-19 itself is largely airborne and transmitted through coughing and breathing in particles, there is still the potential for viral droplets to land on everyday surfaces. If we touch one of these surfaces and then our eyes, noses, or mouths, we may inadvertently become ill.

In medical settings, complete hygiene control is critical. That’s why interest in fixtures such as hospital scrub sinks, for example, is on the rise. They provide a clinical process which can be employed virtually anywhere in a healthcare setting.

Our medical scrub sinks are built with bacteriostatic stainless steel. This means that not only are these units easy to clean and sanitise, but they are also much more bacteria-resistant than your average sink unit and drainer.

Setting up bacteriostatic medical sinks and sluices means you will have access to bacterial protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fitted with the correct sanitizing dispensers and taps. Of course, it is still important that these scrub units are thoroughly cleaned regularly, but they offer a facility to regularly wash hands in patient facing and non-facing areas.


What Other Fittings Might Help?

Sanitaryware Supplies are pleased to offer a full range of fixtures and fittings to help healthcare professionals fight against the rising threat of bacteria and viruses. Our fight doesn’t start and end with stainless steel medical sink installations, however.

We are also pleased to offer a range of taps and water dispensing systems which will further help to keep your medical or care facility clean and hygienic. For example, for the ultimate in bacterial and viral protection, it may interest you to set up a hands-free tap system, which you can easily activate via sensor.

We supply automatic shut-off and sensor taps not just to save water and money, but also to help curb the spread of infection. You should already sanitise any items or units you physically touch in a healthcare setting. However, by setting up a hands-free sensor tap or automatic shut-off system, you are removing the need for you to touch these facilities altogether.

That is not only one less item to sanitise, but it also means the risk of bacterial pickup and transfer is lowered significantly, too.

Sanitaryware Supplies offer a bespoke service across all demands for infection control sinks and medical scrub sinks. Regardless of your care service’s individual needs and parameters, we will be happy to design and install a hygiene-friendly washing and sluicing unit that will help to protect you, your team and your patients for years to come.


Tackling Hygiene Head-On

At the time of writing, a full exit strategy to the COVID-19 crisis is still unclear.  However, what we do know is that good hygiene habits help to fight back against the rise of illnesses and infections. It is not just a case of wearing a mask and washing your hands – we must also be vigilant of our surfaces and the people who are likely to be using them.

You should always disinfect and sanitise each and every surface you come into contact with in a medical or care setting. If you are unsure whether or not the hospital scrub sinks you have in place are doing a good enough job to help fight back against bacteria and viruses, make sure to take a look at sink and tap upgrades available through Sanitaryware.

Protect the people you work with and care for – choose a medical grade, hygiene-ready sink and/or sluice system that you can rely on through the pandemic and beyond.


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