Pick the Ideal Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories for Your Commercial Facility

There are a few items and fixtures which are expected of every commercial washroom.  Whether you are helping your staff to clean up, or you are emphasising good hygiene practice to your public, there are a few essential items you will always need to install as part of your commercial bathroom or washroom facilities.  With hygiene in mind, stainless steel bathroom accessories are now easier to clean, to maintain and to use than ever before, helping to protect those who use them as well as the people they may come into contact with.

As a commercial facility, it will be so important for you to uphold an image of responsibility for bacterial control and cleanliness.  But which bathroom essentials should you be looking at first when kitting out your commercial washroom for the first time?  Are there bathroom accessories online which you can easily buy, and which are recommended by professionals across a number of different industries?  At Sanitaryware Supplies, we work hard to provide bathroom and washroom fittings which are easy to use, maintain, and which keep you safe from wash to wash.


High Speed Airflow Hand Dryer

Working in Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bathroom accessories are always recommended for a variety of reasons.  Not only is stainless steel easy to clean, but it is also seen as the most hygienic compound when it comes to bathroom fitting manufacture.  Therefore, you will likely have seen many commercial bathrooms and washrooms using stainless steel fittings throughout.

Modern bathroom accessories such as an automatic nozzle hand dryer are staples of hygienic washrooms, commercial or otherwise.  While hand dryers now arrive in various designs, shapes and sizes, a good nozzle dryer will always ensure your hands are dry, clean and free from bacteria from use to use.

Stainless steel is often used in bathroom on fittings and fixtures such as taps, dispensers and even on door and facility handles.  Once again, this is partly due to their protective properties against bacteria, and the fact that they are much easier to clean than plastics and ceramics of old.  Modern bathrooms, commercial or otherwise, will make use of stainless steel as an affordable and reliable standard.


Common Bathroom Choices

When it comes to fitting out your commercial bathroom for the first time, you will likely already have a few common fixtures in mind.  Of course, toilet cubicles and facilities go without saying.  Sink units, too, should always be installed – as it is crucial to encourage hand washing after using the toilet and before returning to work or dealing with the public.  However, your sink units can be fitted out with a variety of fixtures which may appeal to you.

  • Our electric mixer and basin tap ranges are amongst the most hygienic on the market. What’s more, they will also actively help you save water while you wash.  This is because there is a sensor fitted to the taps.  Simply glide your hands underneath the unit to receive a stream of water as and when you need it.  The taps will shut off when they are not in use.
  • Stainless steel liquid soap dispenser with soft touch operation - 0.5 litre

    Stainless steel soap dispenser units, too, are very popular with commercial washrooms. The units, too, can come fitted with sensors which allow you to simply hover or wave your hands underneath to receive a handful of soap.  Others simply require you to press a unit in for soap to be dispensed underneath.  Therefore, there’s no sharing of soap, and there’s minimal chance of bacteria spreading.

Commercial soap dispenser units and modern bathroom accessories such as these will serve you well when it comes to battling bacteria.  After all, as a commercial washroom, you are going to need to lead a solid example when it comes to basic hygiene.  Poor hygiene habits can lead to illness, and if you are found liable for causing grave illness in a member of the public, you may be finding yourself in trouble.

This may be unlikely, of course – but in any case, getting ill is never nice.  Therefore, you should always take precautions and work to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and more from your bathrooms outwards.  It all starts with taking your pick of the best bathroom essentials.


Energy Efficiency

As briefly mentioned, many stainless steel bathroom accessories aren’t just easy to clean and nice to look at.  They work hard to reduce overhead on energy costs, too!  Automatic tap systems shut off when they are not in use, which could drive down water usage in your firm by a huge percentage.  That means less for you to pay on water rates when they arise.

What’s more, automated hand dryers work hard to only ever give you the heat and air you need.  Our modern bathroom accessories will shut off when they are not in use.  Unlike hand dryers of old, our bathroom accessories won’t blow endless streams of hot air when they’re not being used.  This is a huge waste of energy and a waste of money for you!  We believe in retailing great-looking, hygienic and energy-efficient products which serve to make your life easier, and your bills that little bit cheaper.

It’s safe to say that hygienic, energy-efficient stainless steel bathroom accessories will serve you as a worthy investment for years to come.  There’s less mess, less fuss, less money to pay overall, and what’s more, they just look the part – there’s nothing quite like stainless steel for this side of things!


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Looking to set up a new commercial bathroom or washroom?  Need to replace old fixtures and fittings to save money in the long run?  Don’t think about looking any further.  The Sanitaryware Supplies Company’s exclusive ranges of modern bathroom accessories will help to encourage healthy hygiene habits and will look fantastic as part of any modern washroom unit year after year after year.

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