The Importance of High Quality Washroom Hygiene Products

Making sure your employees and customers are kept safe from poor hygiene should be a priority. When it comes to installing the ideal washroom for your workspace, you should be focused on making it easy to access and use. What’s more, you are going to need plenty of washroom hygiene products to ensure people know to clean up after themselves properly before leaving the washroom.

The vast majority of us do make sure we practice basic hygiene. However, when you have poor washroom facilities, it can be easy just to pass it off and carry on. Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we think making sure you are clean and fit to return to work is essential. Disease and illness can spread very easily if proper washing isn’t prioritised!

With that in mind, which products should you install for the perfect washroom? Should you be using hand dryers or paper towels? Which are the healthiest taps and sink systems to install? Don’t worry. In this guide, we will explore the washroom essentials you should be thinking about installing, and why.


Stainless Steel Taps

Tempomix 3 Self Closing Basin Mixer TapThe most basic facet of any hygienic washroom is the tap. Fresh water is always needed to make sure your hands are clean. Whether you have just used the toilet, or are making sure that your hands are clean after handling a messy job elsewhere, you should always have access to a hygienic tap system. Our stainless steel and chrome plated taps are not only built to be as resistant to bacteria as possible, you won’t even need to handle them!

Traditional taps can harbour germs and bacteria without you ever realising it. Think about it – the hand you use to turn a tap on will transfer germs to the surface. You’ll simply pick them up again once you’ve washed your hands! This is why we think smart, efficient washroom hygiene products are so essential.

We supply and install taps which have built-in sensors. This means you simply need to hover your hands under the taps for water to be released. These can be installed to supply hot, cold, and a mix. This hands-free approach to hygiene helps to make sure bacteria goes nowhere but down the drain, and covered in antibacterial soap!


Soap Dispensers

In a similar line, we think automated soap dispensers are a great idea. Once again, simply present your hands and soap will be dispensed. This keeps your hands away from the physical unit, and it means you are free to lather up with water from the automated taps.

While some may argue that you can be too careful when it comes to bacteria and germ prevention, it’s crucial that you protect your workforce, your workplace and your public. Illness can spread very easily! Protecting against widespread sickness is easy to do with the right washroom hygiene products.


Stainles steel waste bin 18 litres

Stainless Steel Waste Bins

A stainless steel waste bin will be a great addition to any commercial or public washroom. Sometimes, there are items we need to dispose of quickly and safely. Instead of leaving them around on floors and surfaces, or flushing them away, we should be able to throw them into a bin which can be regularly emptied.

Our stainless steel waste bin units offer lots of volume and protection against bacteria. Stainless steel is very protective and is also very easy to clean and look after. What’s more, you won’t have to handle these bins yourself to throw away items. A hygienic waste bin is one which you can simply throw refuse into without having to potentially spread bacteria.

An effective, hygienic washroom is one which is very hands-off. You may have realised this already! Ultimately, germs and bacteria have a habit of clinging to surfaces. While they may not live for more than a few hours, there are plenty of nasty bugs out there which will be keen to stick around for longer. Why risk giving them the opportunity?


Automatic Hand Dryers

High Speed Airflow Hand DryerThere have been a number of studies over the years as to how effective hand dryers actually are. However, the fact remains that drying your hands via paper towel may not be enough to protect against germs. The hygienic approach is to carefully and thoroughly dry your hands with automatic hand dryers.

Unlike systems where you have to press a button to operate, our automatic high powered hand dryers activate as soon as you place your hands underneath. They are fairly similar to our taps and soap dispensers in this regard. This way, a dryer will supply you with as much or as little hot air as you need to completely dry off. Drying your hands properly is just as important as washing them thoroughly.

Hygienic washroom items are also very energy-efficient. Our automated taps, dryers and dispensers only ever give you the water, air and soap you need. That means you’re not wasting any water or energy. It’s a great way to cut costs, but more importantly, it’s the best way to keep your team and your working environment protected against the spread of bacteria.


Why a Hygienic Washroom Matters

While you won’t be able to force everyone to wash their hands properly, you can at least make it easy for them to start. The fewer excuses people have, the better! It’s crucial that you instil the importance of keeping clean and safe, especially when you are working with the public.

While you may not need to thoroughly wash your hands all the time, you never know who may be susceptible to certain bugs and illnesses. Therefore, we encourage you to set up your washroom with the best facilities and washroom accessories on the market.

Sanitaryware Supplies are here to help. We are experts in the provision and installation of brilliant washroom hygiene products for commercial use. Take a look at our catalogue of products and systems, or call us directly on 01157 842769 to learn more. If you have any further queries, do email us.

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