Why You Should Invest in Quality Washroom Accessories

Sanquip GRP urinalsNo matter what type of business you run, hygiene is absolutely crucial. You could be running a private office, a public building, a restaurant or bar. The fact is, without the right washroom facilities and accessories, you are always going to run the risk of spreading germs, running up high maintenance costs through inefficient systems.

A positive washroom experience can make or break a company’s reputation so it is important to invest in exceptional washroom facilities . That’s why it is so crucial to think carefully about the washroom accessories you need, and to look for top quality standards by default.

Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we make sure to furnish all our commercial clients with leading, cost-effective and hygiene-protective products and supplies. We know that public and professional bathrooms and toilet spaces have come a long way. That’s because the world is now smarter than ever when it comes to fighting bacteria, and when it comes to protecting the planet.

Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in quality washroom accessories, no matter the industry you are in.

Protect Your Customers

If you run a public building, such as a restaurant or pub, you need to make sure you have top quality washroom accessories installed as part of your washroom offer. These establishments can, unfortunately, spread sickness and disease very quickly. What’s more, not everyone is well-versed in proper hygiene control, which means you are going to need to give your patrons a little bit of a helping hand along the way. Research also suggests people are increasingly happy to spend a little extra money in order to use a nicer and cleaner facility.

Your customers’ health is paramount. Just as you are taking care to ensure that the service you provide is perfect for their needs and expectations, you should be protecting their health. In the food and hospitality industry, protecting health is crucial – as you have a legal duty of care.

Professional, modern washroom accessories such as energy-efficient urinals, automatic taps and smart hand dryers all make sure to contain the spread of germs and bacteria. While you should make sure your washroom facilities are fully cleaned from day to day, if not several times of day, it makes sense to set up with a washroom system that is already impervious to the spread of sickness.

If your customers and visitors get ill, they may be able to hold you responsible. Though you might have public liability insurance, it is altogether best to avoid this scenario. Research suggests that as many as 50 percent of people that have had experienced an unclean restaurant bathroom will spread the word amongst friends and family.

Protect Your Staff

Think about how your washroom accessories are affecting your staff, too. Similarly to the above, failure to protect your team against bacteria could put you in a lot of trouble. What’s more, it could lead to you losing essential hands on deck. If people get ill from improper washroom facilities and poor hygiene, you are going to be left with people taking sick days left, right and centre.

What’s more, your employees and team expect a quality washroom. It is a basic right under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 To offer the best possible toilet and washroom facilities to your team, you are going to need to make sure you upgrade your equipment. Impressions matter.

A Professional Look

Speaking of impressions, think carefully about how a washroom will look to any visitors or clients you may be hosting. If your washroom is stocked up on inefficient or outdated equipment, there may be a few questions raised. Believe it or not, many people will judge the quality of your services and your business itself if your toilets and washrooms fall well below the standards expected in your industry. Washrooms have become a tool in improving both your branding and the customer experience.

It’s always good to set a good impression as soon as you get started. Therefore, if your washroom is in dire need of an upgrade, there really hasn’t been a better time to reach out for some new washroom accessories. You could swap out old toilets and cubicles, for example, or install smart taps which will activate when you run your hand underneath. These systems are not only more hygienic, but will give off a better impression to any visitors who may be using them. Simple!

Tempomix Self Closing Basin Mixer Tap

Cutting Costs

Some firms dislike the idea of changing up their washrooms because it can mean paying out a lot of money upfront. However, at Sanitaryware Supplies, we always make sure to offer our clients and customers a series of accessories and standards which are well-priced within our industry. You certainly won’t find better quality goods for these prices online.

In any case, modern washroom accessories and systems are more energy-efficient. Self-closing taps, for example, completely remove the risk of you wasting water. Smart hot air dryers will close as soon as they are not in use. Urinals and standard toilets use less water to flush. All around, you are not just saving money, but are making sure that you give a little bit back to the environment, too. This will be a great approach for your company or brand if you want to make sure to show the world you care about green issues.

Keeping Up with the Competition

Ultimately, building a fantastic washroom is going to put you in league with the very best companies and firms you are competing against. Do your rival businesses depend on outdated toilet, sink and tap systems? Probably not. Once again, first impressions are everything, and you can tell a lot about a business which really doesn’t seem to care about the quality of its facilities.

Make sure to set up washroom accessories which are easy to use, and which really look the part. You could make all the difference when it comes to standing apart from the competition, in a good way.

Buy New Washroom Accessories

If your public or private washroom is in need of a serious upgrade, why waste time holding back? Choose from a series of fantastic, modern and affordable solutions for businesses of all shapes, sizes and natures. Take a look at Sanitaryware Supplies’ best-selling products, and make sure to consider the health and wellbeing of everyone who is likely to use them.

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