COVID-19 No Touch Sanitaryware Products: How to Prepare Your Business For Re-Opening

The COVID-19 pandemic has, undoubtedly, changed much of the way we go about our daily lives. Some businesses have had to shut down temporarily, while many of us have been working from home. However, it seems that there is light on the horizon with No Touch Sanitaryware Products, it emerges that more and more businesses are now safe to re-open. Of course, as the coronavirus is still a very real threat, your business should still be making sure that your employees and customers can feel as safe as possible when going about their daily business.

This is going to especially be the case when it comes to public and corporate bathrooms and washrooms. Unfortunately, these spaces are likely to be hives for bacteria and viruses to breed and spread. Therefore, as a priority, you should be careful to set up a hygienic bathroom that is as hands-free as possible. In the modern age, there are simply no more excuses for using outdated taps and toilets, for example, which require you to keep touching potentially infected surfaces.

Here at Sanitaryware Supplies, we offer a wide variety of business bathroom solutions which will help to keep you, your team, and your clients safe and happy in the months to come. From automatic taps, hand sanitiser dispensers and electronic sensor flushing systems, there are plenty of great ways for you to protect and prepare your business post-lockdown.


Rethinking Touch

As you can imagine, there are multiple surfaces and spaces which people are likely to touch and come into contact with when they use a toilet or bathroom. Elements such as toilet flushes, taps and soap dispensers, for example, are all likely to be hazardous in a day and age where there is risk of viral spread. Of course, you should always be ready to encourage good hygiene as much as possible. However, in the age of the coronavirus, this has become all the more important.

Therefore, we need to all rethink the way we touch and handle things. At Sanitaryware, we continue to offer and focus on fantastic hands-free options for modern bathrooms. For example, instead of relying on old-fashioned taps and handles, you could set up sensor taps to make sure there’s no need for contact. Reducing the need for people to keep touching and handling public surfaces is going to be essential if your business is going to operate safely in a post-lockdown world.

Of course, there is always a risk that we could return to lockdown if we don’t follow good hand washing protocols. To avoid this, all public bathroom and commercial bathroom services should focus on setting up sensor taps and hands-free soap dispensers. This way, your patrons can continue to stay clean and healthy without fear of contracting anything nasty along the way.


Encouraging Good Habits

Unfortunately, even in the post-lockdown world, there are still likely to be people who will need a gentle reminder to take care of their hygiene. With COVID-19 still at large, you will need to continue showing your bathroom and toilet users that hand washing is crucial. To do this, you really need to leave them zero excuses. This means you should set up sensor taps, hands-free soap dispensers and sanitiser gel which is available throughout your premises.

Of course, if there is one thing that we have all learned to do during lockdown, it is that we should all be washing our hands more often. This way, we can make sure that we are taking good care of our own chances of spreading illness to others.

You could encourage better hygiene through poster campaigns, by retraining your team, or simply by setting up sensor soap and sanitiser dispensers freely around your washroom and facilities in general. If these items are freely available, there are no real reasons why people should ever feel the need to walk by them.


Take Things Slowly

No Touch Sanitaryware Products like no touch tapsIt is obviously going to be tempting for some businesses to rush headfirst into re-opening. It’s been a very difficult time for business owners and their employees. Unfortunately, this post-lockdown scenario is going to be a ‘new normal’ for time to come. That means we are all going to need to be careful with how fast we move into setting back up again.

Crucially, you must remember that there is no rush in getting set back up again. In order to keep your services and standards safe, you must be willing to set up clear, hygienic processes, and to ensure that all your patrons and employees are clear on what happens next. This way, you can always make sure that everyone is happy and clear with what might be expected of them.

Moving too quickly post-lockdown may actually make things worse. Therefore, instead of risking this, you are going to need to ensure that you carefully line up a re-opening strategy that benefits you and your customers in the long run.

Of course, one of the best things you can do is look into setting up simple touch-free products across your bathroom facilities and beyond. This, coupled with protective screens and social distancing, should allow you to gently move into the new normal with ease.


Touch Sanitaryware Products – Change Will Come

This stage of the pandemic is likely to be just as frightening as the last. However, providing you have automatic sanitiser dispensers and a hygienic bathroom solution set up for your team and clients, there are no reasons why you won’t pull through this stage healthy and ready to continue providing a great service. And why wouldn’t you?

It makes sense to start investing in smart sensor soap dispensers, sensor taps, sensor flushing systems and more besides. These bathroom assets will help you ease into the post-lockdown stages of the pandemic, ready to confidently welcome people back onto your premises.

Want to know more about how to kit out your bathrooms efficiently in 2020 and beyond? Take a look at the full Sanitaryware Solutions catalogue to learn more and do get in touch with our team on 01157 842769 if you have any questions or concerns. We will all get through this together!

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