How Can a Quality Commercial Toilet Benefit Your Business?

When running an office, or a commercial building, it may be safe to presume that one of the last things you’ll think about is the toilets. Commercial toilets are, however, crucial fixtures. Whether you are catering to members of the public or members of your company, a top-quality commercial toilet system can say a lot about your business. What’s more, it can do a lot to help your image – as well as the health and well-being of the people who use your facilities. But why?

Always Upgrade Your Bathrooms

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From commercial urinals to industrial toilets, it’s safe to say that a well-kept toilet or bathroom space makes for a very good impression. Whether your office or work floor is sparkling or not, the condition of your toilet facilities is going to impact heavily on public opinion. Beyond this, outdated commercial toilet parts are going to need upgrading if you’re looking to keep up with the competition, and save energy.

It’s probably tempting to keep old toilet and bathroom units in your building if they are working fine. However, you’re going to risk falling behind in terms of the facilities you offer. All modern commercial toilets are held up to quite a high standard and are using less water to flush. Therefore, older, less-maintained systems are not going to come off as well as those which are installed to modern standards and are likely to cost more to maintain.

Don’t ever put off upgrading your bathroom or toilet spaces. This is a matter of public safety as much as it is visual appeal, too! Just because your toilets flush, doesn’t mean they won’t be due an upgrade or two in the near future. Do be sure to keep an open mind, or at least as much as possible.

Make a Fantastic First Impression

So – your workplace or business is looking fantastic, your carpets are clean, and everything is spotless. That’s fantastic news – but what about your toilets and bathroom facilities? While your toilets may be clean, as stated, an inefficient system is not going to impact well on the opinions of valued clients.

Some people believe that you can tell how much a company cares for its staff and its customers by the state of its toilets. A fantastic commercial wall-mounted toilet should not only be clean and clear of waste, it should also offer the latest in water saving technology and design. Yes – there are always designs which go obsolete every now and again. But, choose a timeless, contemporary bathroom suite and you will be likely to appeal to clients again and again.

It may sound bizarre that a toilet system or commercial bathroom can impact so much on client impression. However, you’d be surprised at just what you can be judged on.

Think Health and Safety

Modern commercial urinals and commercial wall hung toilets are built with health and safety in mind. Self-flushing urinals and toilets with minimal touch controls will help to enhance the safety of your commercial bathroom. Controlling germs and the spread of bacteria is not only crucial if you want to make sure your workforce is fit and healthy to do their jobs, but also if you want to avoid members of the public getting sick.

Relying on old or outdated commercial toilet systems could lead to health and safety problems further down the line. Therefore, it is always worth considering which parts and fixtures, if any, you can easily replace or upgrade. The commercial toilets catalogue online at Sanitaryware Supplies should give you more than a few good ideas of what to look for. Fitting out a new set of commercial toilets and urinals may seem like a hassle; however, when public health is at stake, you shouldn’t be cutting any corners.

A Boost to Morale

You’d be surprised at just how morale-boosting a pleasant, modern bathroom or commercial toilet suite can be. These are facilities which people are going to be using several times a day. Outdated or poorly-installed toilets are going to impact heavily on mood. They are going to encourage people to want to go elsewhere. That could make things very uncomfortable for some people.

Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade your toilet installations so that people can always feel relaxed when they use your facilities. It makes little sense to rely on a toilet system which is likely to turn people away. People don’t just want clean toilet facilities. They want commercial bathrooms which look great – ones which fall in line with the rest of a building, or which reflect positively upon a company. Yes, again, as bizarre as it sounds, the state of your commercial toilets really can reflect upon your image as a company. Is it really worth risking that?

Upgrade With Ease

One of the main reasons why some companies leave upgrading or re-installing the commercial toilets is the fact that it can sometimes be a case of upheaval, and a case of paying out a lot of money. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

A great-looking commercial wall-mounted toilet is more affordable than you think. Plus, they more than pay for themselves over a short period of time, especially in the case of water use. Our range of commercial toilets and urinals are not just built to look great in the interim – they are designed to look fantastic after years of use.

They are also offered to you at very affordable rates. From modern urinals to contemporary cubicle toilet solutions, Sanitaryware Supplies has a huge line of commercial toilet parts and supplies which should help all employees and customers feel at ease when they need to visit the facilities. What’s more, our price range and ease of installation should appeal to any business concerned with saving time and money.

Upgrade Today

Upgrading your commercial toilets really couldn’t be easier. Why not take a look at our range of commercial toilets for sale, and find a look which really complements your existing aesthetic? Do make sure to call us directly on 01157 842769 if you need any help, or to contact our team via web form.

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