Essential Hospital Sanitary Ware Equipment for a Hygienic Healthcare Environment

The healthcare industry depends on high standards of hygiene. There are no ifs or buts about this – when there are lives at stake, you always need to make sure that you are using hospital equipment which is clean, safe and suitable for everyday medical use. Without the proper equipment or hygiene standards, you may be putting not just your health at risk, but those of the people around you, too.

That’s why we at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company care deeply about providing top quality medical and hospital care equipment to sites up and down the country. Hygiene always matters. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right clinical sink, the best valves, or even the most adequate janitorial units. When keeping safe and clean is a priority, you should be investing in the absolute best, without exception.

Our wide range of equipment and accessories are available now for quick dispatch, as well as our complete manufacturer’s guarantee. Here’s a quick guide to essential hospital equipment you should already be installing to help keep your medical facility clean, hygienic and safe for everyone who uses it.

Sluice Sink

Sluice Sinks

Working in a hospital means you are going to need to handle a wide array of fluids. Some of them, of course, will be bodily. It is crucial that you never dispose of bodily fluids or potentially harmful liquids through a communal sink or drain unit. For example, sluicing out should never occur in the same zone where you are scrubbing up before an operation. There is a huge risk of cross-contamination here, and while you will likely already have a full health and safety plan lined up and ready, much of this should be dependent on efficient, practical equipment.

Our sluice sinks are available in a range of sizes and types of fitting. We believe that this type of sink fitting should be one of the first pieces you install as part of any healthy medical facility. Certainly, if you are going to be disposing of bodily fluids regularly, you need to ensure that you are doing so without contaminating other patients, or even yourself. Many diseases and viruses can be spread through careless contact with fluid, which makes it all the more important that you clean and clear it away in a responsible fashion.

Scrub Sinks

Scrub sinks are crucial for all working hospitals, particularly of use in the operating theatre. Without being able to scrub, you run the risk of transferring potentially harmful bacteria and even disease to a patient while you are operating on them. What’s more, you are also going to need somewhere to scrub clean following an operation. As with sluicing, scrubbing up and down is essential to the process of keeping a hospital facility clean and fit for use. Again, it’s something you will already be very familiar with if this is your everyday working scenario.

We’ve developed scrub sinks which can be installed ready for use at short notice. Our sinks are developed with hygiene in mind, meaning that there is no room for bacterial transfer and optimal opportunity for you to get clean when and where you need to. Failure to observe your hygiene before and after operating is careless. Doing so could lead to fatalities, which means it makes sense to ensure your sink and scrub units are always ready to go. You may need a new sink or trough fitting or may be setting up a new operating theatre. In any case, take a look at our hospital equipment to kit out your medical bay with the most efficient and protective equipment.

Thermostatic mixing valve 4 in 1 15/22mm c/w fibre washers

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

A healthy flow of water is essential in any medical environment. After all, without keeping clean, we run the risk of transferring all kinds of nasty bugs and diseases. A thermostatic mixing valve allows you to get access to a steady flow of water at the right temperature. Therefore, you’ll never be washing or cleaning up with water that is either too hot or too cold. It’s important that you are working with the right temperatures to avoid scalding when washing or showering, but also to ensure any bacteria which may be present can be cleaned off with little hassle.

Here at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company, we will provide mixing valves for fitting as part of any existing medical or hospital unit, and as part of any new rooms or facilities you may be setting up. Before you install any sinks or troughs, do make sure you have adequate water supplies and facilities which will offer you the washing support you need. Without water, your hospital and medical facilities are at massive risk of harbouring harmful bugs and bacteria. Take no chances.

Janitorial Units

When working in a hospital, it is not just your hands and your surfaces which need to be kept clean. Everything in a room needs to be spotless – which means regular floor mopping is always crucial. However, you should never risk cleaning janitorial supplies and tools in the same you use to scrub or sluice. You should install a janitorial unit where you can hygienically wash and prepare cleaning equipment which can be used to clean a facility from top to bottom.

These sinks are fairly heavy-duty, and here at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company we have a range of options available to install as part of any hospital unit or medical bay. It’s important you find space for a janitorial unit, as otherwise, you will potentially be transferring germs and bacteria picked up from cleaning equipment onto sterile surfaces.

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Ultimately, a clean hospital is a safe hospital. If you are not already working with the best in hygiene-protective equipment, fixtures and fittings, it is time to make that change. Take a look at some of our flexible and fantastic hospital equipment in our online store, or do take the time to call us on 01157 842769 if you have any specific needs or concerns. Otherwise, you can email us via web form if you have a particularly query you’d like to raise with our team.

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