Sanitaryware Supplies Company develops and supplies bespoke healthcare sluice solution to US care home project

Separate toilet and waste disposal facilities are essential for reducing the risk of cross contamination and halting the spread of infectious diseases.

The UK‘s healthcare practices for waste disposal are known for being some of the best in the world, which is why a US care home customer based in Pennsylvania recently asked us to design, manufacture, and supply with all fittings, a range of sluice sink units in-line with UK standards,

In facilities where human waste is dealt with – like hospitals, GP practices and care homes, the installation of sluice sinks (or slop hoppers) isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.Sluice Sink

Sluice sinks, often referred to as disposal units, are designed to enable the safe and hygienic disposal of body waste. A sluice sink is connected to the soil pipe with a ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap, which prevents foul smells from coming back up through the drain.

There are two basic varieties of sluice sink – floor standing and wall mounted. The wall mounted sluice sinks available at Sanitaryware Supplies can be installed at any height, and be surface or duct supplied, meaning you can easily integrate them with existing fittings.

However, often a bespoke size or design is required and that’s where Sanitaryware Supplies Company can help. We worked with the US-based customer to develop a range of sluice sink units that were able to be fed from a low-level surface mounted cistern, for a large care home project. Importantly for the customer, they wanted the units to meet the exacting UK HBN standards rather than US specifications.

Using our bespoke design service, as well as more than 25 years’ experience in developing stainless steel sanitaryware products, we were able to design, fabricate and deliver 5 sluice units and all the necessary fittings on time to the US.

Our one-stop-shop approach allows for greater efficiency in the supply chain, meaning shorter timescales from planning to delivery.

To learn more about Sanitaryware Supplies Company bespoke design service and healthcare range email or call 0115 7842769

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