Sanitaryware Supplies Company secures exclusive UK distribution

Sanitaryware Supplies Company (SSC) has secured the exclusive UK distribution rights of the groundbreaking Grate Seal drainage solution range.

Grate Seal was originally brought to international market by the environmentally-conscious Australian firm Gentec.

The self-fitting seals (50mm100mm/80mmStubby 100mm and Bucket Trap) can be retrofitted to any existing floor drains, providing odour prevention and ‘pest-proofing’, making it ideal for a commercial kitchen environment. It is both easy to install and can be fitted to new and existing facilities.

Gentec’s Grate Seal is expected to be a welcome addition to a number of other markets and outlets, including health and aged care, education, shopping centres, sports and leisure centre, disability and accessibility, food and processing industry, spas, hotels and education.

Unlike other drainage solutions available to the market, Grate Seal® is manufactured from a single piece of rubber, incorporating a silver-based bactericide, which prevents microbes from reproducing and avoiding a build-up of biofilm. Additionally, it prevents vermin, fruit flies and infection.

The rubber-composite construction also makes the Grate Seal flexible, closing as soon as the flow of water has stopped to prevent any backflow or bugs escaping.

The removal of multiple elements makes the Grate Seal a durable solution and is in line with SSC’s philosophy to provide long-lasting products which require minimal maintenance.

Grate Seal also uses friction to sit in the drain, which means no fixing kits are required and they can be removed as much as necessary without requiring the flooring to be removed or affected. easy to install and can be installed to new and existing facilities

Commenting on the exclusive distribution of Grate Seal in the UK, Andy Dukelow Managing Director of SSC said: “I am delighted to be able to bring such a quality and innovative product to the UK. Gentec Australia is committed to the continuous development of better, more efficient products which means better value and durability and Grate Seal embodies this.”

To find out more about the Gentec Grate Seal range or other Gentec products, including food preparation units, safety showers and laboratory taps, contact 01157 842769.

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