Commercial Bathrooms: Save Water with Electric Taps

Tempomix 3 Self Closing Basin Mixer Tap

You may not give too much thought to your humble bathroom taps, but there’s plenty of reasons why you should.  Every year, thousands of litres of water can be wasted from a dripping tap alone – think about how much water you are potentially wasting by leaving your taps running, or by allowing them to run for longer than you actually need them for!  Manual taps may be convenient and affordable in one way, but at the same time, you’re not only creating further problems for the environment, you’re allowing your water bill to spike in huge amounts.

Use of Taps in a Commercial Environment

This is especially true in a commercial setting, where hundreds, maybe thousands of people are washing their hands on a regular basis.  Not everyone observes perfect basin etiquette – that is, making sure they don’t waste water, or even turn off a tap when it’s out of use – which means that your business is both wasting money and draining the environment of natural resources.  This isn’t even a maybe – in all probability, it’s likely a fact.

The Solution to this Problem

Deck-mounted electronic basin mixer tap with integrated battery

So – what are the best options to get around this problem?  While you could implement new guidelines to encourage people to be more water-conscious, this could take a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money.  The most cost-effective approach is to consider electric taps for your commercial bathrooms – as these will make sure that no water is wasted from the moment they are installed.

Sanitaryware Supplies (SSC) offer a huge range of bathroom fixtures and fittings, but our electric sink specialties are amongst our most popular.  Self-closing taps, for instance, take away the need for you to turn off a water feature at all – it stops running water with an automatic shut-off, meaning that there will never be any risk of surplus water flowing down the pipes.

What other Alternatives can I use?

Sensor taps are popular, too.  These models, rather like hand air dryers, know exactly when a pair of hands are waiting for them.  Therefore, they will only ever activate when they are needed.  This not only saves money, resources and helps protect the environment, but also helps to keep things hygienic and safe to use.  You may have already come across sensor taps and self-closing taps in public bathrooms and elsewhere – they are becoming more and more popular with firms aiming to save money quarter by quarter, and they are hugely recommended if you have your duty to the environment in mind.

How we can help at SSC

SSC supply fantastic commercial bathroom solutions at cost-effective rates, with brand names and fixtures you can be confident in.  Our systems and units all arrive with guarantees and we are also here to help you choose the right fittings for your needs – all you need to do is get in touch with our team.  Call us directly on 01157 842769 or email us at your convenience with any queries or requirements you may have.  Don’t take a chance on wasting water – it’s costly for you, and devastating for the world around us.

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