Save in Many Areas by Installing a Water Dispenser

Let’s face it – we all need water to live! However, there’s plenty to be said about how much we actually use, and how much we may be paying for it in the long run. Plenty of businesses and firms stock their vending machines full of bottled water or expect their employees to head to the bathroom to fill up! This is neither healthy nor recommended – and we’ll explain why shortly – but there is one brilliant solution to ensure you are only ever using and paying for exactly what you need. That solution is a water dispenser!


What is a Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser can also be referred to as a water fountain, or drinking fountain and they can commonly be found across offices, workplaces, gyms, railway stations and schools up and down the country. They’re a great way to easily access short bursts of water when needed, and can be used to fill up reusable bottles and cups whenever workplaces permit people to. Water dispensers are often built in stainless steel and have a fantastic, effortless sheen – offering a genuinely striking and luxury touch to any interior or exterior environment.

However, there’s more to a simple water fountain than just looks. They’re easy to install and are incredibly easy to use, too – meaning there will no longer be a need for you to go anywhere near the bathroom to fill up your cups and bottles!


Saving on Plastic

Chilled drinking fountain

Plastic waste continues to ravage our oceans. There have been a number of big initiatives made in recent years to try and force companies to cut back on the amount of single-use plastic which finds its way into our seas. While plenty of corporations are making strides to take ownership of the problem, cutting back on plastic all starts with the individual. Plastic can be toxic to animals who live in the large expanses of water around us – which means we all need to be taking greater responsibility for the amount we use on a daily basis.

Installing a water dispenser will remove the need for the use of bottled water in your workplace. Bottled water is convenient and often inexpensive to buy, however, even when you choose to recycle said plastic, you are still risking a bottle heading back out into the environment. For the avoidance of all doubt, the best course of action is to cut off the need for plastic bottled water completely.

Water dispensed through a water dispenser can be clean, crisp and delicious – everything you’d otherwise get from a bottled brand. What’s more, your employees won’t even need to pay a penny. Water fountain access is completely free, and there’s hundreds of bottles potentially being cut back on from week to week.


Saving on Wastage

Water dispenser units are built to only ever give you as much or as little water as you need. While some automated bathroom taps may continue running for longer than they need to, one press of a dispenser tap will emit a brief spurt of water which will satisfy the vast majority of drinkers. Simply keep the button pressed down for a longer drink. Once you release, the stream will stop – meaning there’s no risk of any unnecessary water flowing away.

Like the ongoing concerns with plastic levels in our oceans, there is continuing worry over just how much fresh water is going to waste each and every day. How many of us truly remember to turn off a tap after having used it? How many of us often leave them running without thinking? Wasted water depletes fresh supply, and this is once again another strike against the environment around us.

What’s more, the more water is wasted, the more it will cost you. Water suppliers will largely bill on a usage basis, whether you are on a meter or not. Water fountains and dispensers, by only ever dispensing as much as you need, will cut back massively on steady streams of water that would otherwise flush down the drain. It’s another good point to consider!


Saving on Energy

Let’s face it – time is money in any work environment. Why waste time going out to buy bottled water, when you could be even more productive and supportive to your team by? having a handy dispenser for water installed, which will allow you to only ever make a quick trip across to the unit for a drink. It’s potentially hours saved within any given week. If you’re keen on keeping hours wasted to a minimum, it’s high time you considered how to make your team’s lives that little bit easier, and that little bit more efficient.

What could be more efficient than having a simple water dispensing unit or fountain installed? There’s no need to go hunting for water, it’s healthy, and it discourages time wasting.


Looking Good and Showing Your Responsibility to The EnvironmentWall-Hung Dual Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filler

As mentioned, water dispensing units simply look the part and provide everyone with the opportunity to access a sustainable water dispenser to fill up a reusable bottle and meet the needs for hydration The Sanitaryware Supplies Company sell a number of great-looking water fountain units which we think a wide variety of businesses and brands will benefit fromStainless steel looks good as part of any interior or exterior environment. It’s got that timeless sheen as well as that easy-maintain manufacture. Sturdy units with shallow sink trays will look great to any visitors you may have attending, too.

If your aim is to look professional, and to support the eradication of single use plastics, then water dispensers can boost your social corporate responsibility. You could even go one step further and become part of the City to Sea Refill campaign and offer a free refill station!

Go on, give some serious thought to introducing a fantastic water dispenser unit into your workspace.


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