Ensure Your School Handwashing Facilities Meet Government Guidelines

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, re-opening schools has been a tricky endeavour. Not only have schools and colleges needed to organise ways in which pupils and students can socially distance from one another, but handwashing facilities in schools have been prioritised like never before. Schools can be hives for bacterial and viral spread, which is why there has been more emphasis placed on hand washing in schools than ever before.

It’s not possible to watch children at all hours of the day during school. However, it is possible to make sure that your school or educational body offers leading hand washing supplies and hand wash basins to make sure that you curb the potential spread of deadly viruses. As COVID-19 appears to be resurging again through increasing numbers of cases, it is more than time for you to start thinking about ways to upgrade your school washroom supplies for the better.


Are You Encouraging Hand Washing in Schools?

AUTOMATIC LIQUID SOAP AND GEL HAND SANITISER DISPENSERBefore you even think about the school washroom supplies you have in place, you must firstly address how you encourage good hygiene in your school environment. Basic hygiene is not optional – especially at times like these!

The government has continued to advise that thorough, regular hand washing is essential. This means after visiting the toilet, and before eating or touching your face, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. This makes sure that your hands are thoroughly washed and are free from the risk of carrying the coronavirus.

Teaching children these risks can be difficult, particularly with younger pupils. However, providing you roll out clear signage and posters, you will be doing all that you can to enforce these standards. You may even wish to set up washroom monitors, too, to make sure that everyone is doing their bit to stay as safe as possible.

However, beyond signs and gentle reminders, you are going to need to make sure your school washroom accessories are up to scratch.


Which School Washroom Supplies Should You Invest In?

handwashing facilities for 3 people 1800mm Washtrough with touch free tapsIt might seem reasonable enough to simply have a working set of toilets, hand basins and soap dispensers available, but these facilities may be spreading and carrying deadly bacteria and even the coronavirus without you realising it. Of course, regular cleaning of all your handwashing facilities is imperative, but there is even more you can do to make sure that your pupils and staff are further protected.

For example, no touch taps remain some of our most popular accessories and fittings here at Sanitaryware Supplies. As their names suggest, these taps remove the need for you to actively handle taps at all, meaning that you can simply hover your hands gently underneath the main faucet to receive water. Not only is this going to curb the spread of illness, it will help you to save money on your water rates, too!

You should also consider automatic soap dispensers. It may shock you just how much bacteria lives on soap dispensers from day to day. It stands to reason! Dirty hands are constantly touching these units, and while you probably won’t handle them again with clean hands, it’s just as well to take the potential for bacteria or virus collection and spreading out of the equation altogether.

As with sensor taps for schools, you can invest in these school washroom supplies to enable hands-free washing. This means there is no risk of any hands sharing the same handwashing facilities and fixtures. Simply hover your hands underneath to receive soap, and you are away!


What About Wash Basins and Troughs?

Believe it or not, standardised and outdated wash basins might also be at risk of collecting and spreading nastiness. Traditional ceramic can be extremely hard to clean after a while, and though you should be cleaning your facilities more often than ever before, it makes sense to invest in handwashing facilities which are extra protective against the spread of illness.

Stainless steel is the way forward. Always easy to clean and built to be extra protective against bacteria, germs and viruses, stainless steel wash troughs are always likely to give your school washrooms that little bit of extra protection when you need it. Hand wash basins built in stainless steel not only protect your children and staff against the spread of illness, but also look great. They will slide easily into any modern school washroom unit, meaning that it may not be too big a stretch for you!


Hand Washing Facilities for the Greater Good

At the time of writing, coronavirus cases do appear to be on the rise. While no one is sure right now where things will end, nor how schools will be impacted in the long run, the best thing to do is to stay alert, and to stay protected as possible against the potential rise of illness.

Schools are, by their very nature, very social environments. Kids are going to want to group together, and that is perhaps providing a bit of a challenge for teachers and faculty members right now. As such, it makes sense to try and control hygiene as best you can as a counterbalance. Try to enforce social distancing, and above all, make sure that everyone knows the importance of keeping clean and staying safe.

School washroom supplies from Sanitaryware are easy to set up and install. What’s more, they will help you keep your students and staff members as safe as possible in these often impossible times. COVID-19 will only ever be a temporary pandemic. However, investing in the best school washroom accessories right now will ensure that you are well prepared to protect against the spread of illnesses in future.

Consider now to be the best time to invest in automatic sanitiser dispensers, wash troughs, no touch taps and more. Take a look at our range of school washroom supplies online now and do make sure to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns that you’d like to raise with us!

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