Which Tap Options Should I Consider?

When setting up a commercial washroom or bathroom space, there are always likely plenty of things you will need to consider. Not only are you going to need to think about look and finish, but you’re also going to need to think about practicality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. After all, inefficient taps and toilet facilities can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run if you waste water unnecessarily! Have you thought about looking into tap options for your own unique washroom spaces?

At Sanitaryware Supplies, we are always pleased to offer a huge range of commercial wash and bathroom fittings and fixtures. We understand that, as a business or public building, you are going to need to keep things clean, functional, and hygienic. Before you take a look through our complete catalogue online, let’s take a look at some of the more popular tap options available for you to purchase and fit in your own bathroom spaces right now.


Timeflow Taps

If you’re really struggling to save water at your commercial premises, but have a limited budget,then it makes perfect sense to look into timeflow taps. These will be great for making sure that, again, you only ever use the water that you actually need. Believe it or not, there is still far too much water being wasted by bathroom users who simply don’t switch the taps off after use.

Therefore, a timeflow fitting will, as you can imagine, cut off water flow as soon as it is no longer in use. This is extremely useful when it comes to metering the amount of water used when washing hands, and can be adjusted. You should never discourage proper washing of hands altogether, meaning it’s worth setting up taps that are easy to use, but will dispense more than enough water to help keep people clean from day to day.


Sensor Taps and No Touch Taps

In the age of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to think about setting up sensor taps. These fittings, as you may imagine, are operated without the need for any kind of physical touch. You can simply hover your hands underneath their outlets, and water will pour through. This is an amazingly hygienic option as it prevents the risk of you putting germs, bacteria or viruses on any taps and fittings you use. Sensor taps generally include an aerator in the spout which disperses the water and means that much less is needed for washing than is the case with traditional taps.

It is measures like this which can help your business to prevent the spread of unknown entities like COVID-19. While it is thought that this particular disease mainly spreads through breathing in droplets, there is still a chance that you may transfer it to yourself, or others, from surface to surface. Given what we already know about the virus, it’s safe to say that being safe, as opposed to sorry, is crucial.

Therefore, instead of relying on the same touch taps, you may wish to introduce a healthier, more hygienic option. You could also set these systems up with timeflow technology, meaning that they are automated and will stop running within a set amount of time. Given that we are all being advised to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds, this may be a good ballpark figure to aim for.


Large Basin Taps

Of course, there are likely to be different types of sinks and basins in use across the UK. It will all largely depend on your type of business or your exact hygiene needs. Therefore, you may wish to look into large basin taps and specialist taps for use in medical settings, for example.

We offer a large variety of heavy duty taps and sink fittings. This means that if you have a need for more durable, easier to maintain tap options than most, we will be only too happy to oblige your requests.

Basin taps come in all shapes, sizes, and an array of different types. Therefore, it is well worth taking a good look through our online catalogue of choice!


Why Tap Options Matter

If there is anything that the wider public has learned in 2020, it’s that basic hygiene really matters. Therefore, we are always on hand to help you find the most cost-effective, practical, and hygienic tap options and sink fittings available. We understand that different bathrooms will have different needs. What’s more, we also understand that you are going to want to try and save as much water as possible. Not only is wasting water horrific for the environment, but it is also going to do you no favours in terms of overall bills and costs, either.

Make sure to take a look at our wider range of options for sinks, taps, toilets and more – and don’t be afraid to upgrade your bathroom or washroom for the better in the age of COVID-19. Providing you keep your staff and your facility users as safe as possible with leading, modern bathroom solutions, you will be doing your best to fight against the unknown.

If you’re due to set up a new bathroom space, or want to know more about making your washrooms COVID-protective, make sure to take a look through our catalogue now and to call us if you need any specific support or advice. Sanitaryware Supplies offers more than a few tap options to help keep you safe.

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