Tips for How to Improve Washroom Hygiene Post-COVID

If there is one lesson we can all learn from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that we can all stand to be a little more conscious of our hygiene habits. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is as fastidious as they should be when it comes to washing hands and disposing of used items. That often falls to bathroom providers such as commercial building owners – improving washroom hygiene, of course, is a great way to make sure that anyone in and out of your building is helping to restrict the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Post-COVID, we all hope to stay as healthy as possible. The coronavirus has proven to be a slippery menace – one that easily spreads if people are not careful with hand to face hygiene and spatial distancing. Therefore, there are a number of ways you could help to protect your team and your public moving on past lockdown.


Invest in No Touch Taps

No touch taps are some of the most popular fixtures and fittings in the Sanitaryware catalogue. As the name suggests, these systems allow users to switch taps on and off without having to physically touch a handle or wheel.

No touch taps help to keep potential germ-carrying hands away from public surfaces. These, whether in stainless steel or otherwise, are proven to be highly unhygienic if used improperly. Various tests in 2020 suggested that COVID-19 particles could persist on surfaces for several days.

The same applies to other bacteria and bugs. Therefore, it may be a safe investment to consider no touch taps for your employee and/or public washroom moving forwards.


Enhance Your Waste Bins and Receptacles

We also highly recommend installing waste bins and disposal units in your washroom that require no physical touching – by hand, in any case. Foot pedal bins have been popular for years as a result of the lack of bending, as well as that you won’t need to handle the public surface with your fingers and thumbs.

Of course, time has moved on a little, and you can invest in motion sensor bins. There are also washroom waste bins built in stainless steel and which completely seal away your refuse. These are ideal when improving washroom hygiene, as it means potentially harmful tissues and wipes are disposed of and sealed off without fear of them spreading anything contagious.


Choose Hand Dryers with HEPA Technology

HEPA filters are now the standard for removing all kinds of air contaminant. Hand dryers, in recent years, have fallen in public favour as a result of some studies suggesting they may spread germs. That’s why we have worked hard to provide HEPA filter systems that actively dry wet hands without dispersing harmful particles, including dust, back into the air.

The biggest issue in the fight against COVID-19 has been that we cannot see it. The same, of course, applies to all viral and bacterial particles. Hygiene practice would be much easier if we could! Therefore, there’s never been a better time to invest in technology that allows your bathroom and washroom users to dry safely without spreading anything noxious through the air. A hand dryer with HEPA filter built in could help everyone to breathe that little bit easier.


Choose Smooth Lines and Sensor Technology

We genuinely recommend that all our customers invest in washroom accessories with smooth lines. For all complex and antimicrobial washroom fittings may protect against bacterial and viral spread to an extent, if there are crevices, there will be the opportunity for bacteria and invisible menaces getting clogged up in a variety of gunk and sludge.

This isn’t just hard to clean, it’s potentially hazardous. Coupled with sensor technology, smooth, crevice free washroom facilities will help to fight back against the potential threat of invisible nastiness in your washroom. Sensor technology, such as that used in hands free tap systems, will mean washroom users never have to touch a surface ever again. It might even save you water, too.


Upgrade Your Washroom ASAP

At the time of writing, the Prime Minister has proposed a road map to help us all back into regular working patterns once again. In order for us all to avoid further lockdowns and economic stresses, we need to make sure our hygiene measures are up to scratch!

Start improving washroom hygiene now – invest in technology and fittings that will protect you and your team – as well as your public – against bacterial and viral spread for years to come. Take a look at our wider catalogue for more details.

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