Top Tips for specifying school washroom products

When it comes to setting your school budget, you may be more focused on books and computers rather than washrooms, however, they are a very important part of your pupils’ school day.

Providing students with clean, hygienic washroom fittings can improve their concentration as it will make them less likely to skip toilet breaks.

Hand hygiene is especially important in schools. While it’s inevitable that children will pass bugs and germs to one another in a tightly packed school environment, proper hand hygiene is a sure-fire way to keep cross-contamination to a minimum.

With school budget cuts, every penny saved makes a difference and managing the refurbishment of a washroom in-house and cutting out the middle man can make a huge difference financially.

To save you time and money, here are Sanitaryware Supplies Company’s suggestions on specifying products for a school washroom:

1. Stainless Steel – School toilets are renowned for vandalism and poor hygiene. Stainless steel washbasins, toilets and urinals are all vandal-resistant and easy to clean. Many stainless steel products now feature bacteriostatic stainless steel, offering added peace of mind.

2. Jumbo wall-mounted toilet roll dispensers – Their robust design with increased security, thanks to the included lock, makes them ideal for a school washroom. The rolls cost less than individual sheets and it has been proven that less paper is used. We offer a 10” plastic model as well as a stainless steel option for more heavily frequented areas.

3. Taps – With budget and longevity in mind, a self-closing tap with an adjustable timer is ideal. The self-closing function prevents water wastage and the adjustable timer can be adjusted to the most economical setting. If you only have room for one faucet, self-closing mixer taps are also stocked on our website. If your budget allows, battery operated sensor taps are another option that allows control of water dispensed and also gives a no-touch hand washing process.

4. Electric hand dryers – Paper towel dispensers are impractical, not to mention wasteful and costly to dispose of. Opt for a high performance, low cost, low energy hand dryer by Stream Hygiene – not only are these more hygienic but they also require less maintenance than a paper towel dispenser. As all our models are low wattage they consume low levels of electricity.

5. Give us a call – We are specialists in all areas of washroom specification and stock everything you need to put together a low-cost, robust, hygienic and vandal-resistant washroom.

For all your school washroom needs, give our team a call and discuss what products best stand up to the rigours of school life.

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