Types of Hand Dryers – And Which to Opt For

Hand dryers are some of the most efficient, accessible bathroom accessories available on the market. They are commonly used in public bathroom spaces, including those based in offices and corporate facilities. They are cost-effective, and modern devices are built to be economical on power, too.

Hand dryers are a fantastic solution for any business, public body or building looking to cut down on paper towel wastage. As UK businesses continue to grow more concerned about their carbon footprint as well as their everyday wastage, it makes sense that they should look for an effective, efficient hand drying system which offers simple results.

It’s always important to dry your hands after washing them! Set up hand drying systems in your corporate bathrooms with Sanitaryware, and your team and customers will have access to instant heat to get dried off in no time. However, did you know that there are different types of hand dryer systems available? Here are the main types of dryer you can purchase and why they could make a difference to you.


Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryers

Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer - polished stainless steelNozzle dryers are classic systems. You will have seen these models set up in public bathrooms and toilet facilities up and down the country. They are often the least expensive choice for installation and maintenance.

The hand dryers we supply in the automatic nozzle range are more hygienic than ever before. The dryers we supply don’t have handles or buttons attached. That means you can simply waft your hands under the nozzle or vent and get up to 18 seconds worth of instant heat.

Many people install these dryers for simplicity. What’s more, there is a restriction on energy used, and how much heat is given out. These systems are innovative, and for most businesses, are extremely affordable.


Compact Energy Hand Dryers

These sleek, modern dryer systems are even more cost-effective than their nozzle alternatives. These models remain our most popular, and that’s not just thanks to the price.

Compact energy dryers are built to offer instant heat in short bursts. That means, unlike traditional systems, you won’t be running hot air constantly. That’s money saved for you, and it also means you are helping the environment a little bit at the same time.

These systems even come with air purifiers, helping to make your bathroom or washroom environment that little bit more pleasant to walk into.


3G Hand Dryers

High Powered 3G Hand Dryer - white

These bathroom accessories look even more futuristic! These no-touch dryer models offer complete 360-degree drying of your hands. Simply place your hands in the middle of the open vent, and you will be dry within seconds. 3G hand dryers are designed to be anti-bacterial, and what’s more, they are also energy-efficient. This, again, means lower energy bills, and it also means you’re being kinder to the environment.

These models are priced a little higher than everyday automatic dryers; however, the savings in their day to day use are incredible. After just a few weeks to months of use, you will already start to notice how little energy you need to dry hands in your corporate washroom! They are also designed to be much more accessible where needed, meaning that they are ideal for disabled facilities, or simply for young children to use.


High Speed Airflow Dryers

These dryers are well-known for being very efficient at getting the job done. They’re built with infrared detection, and will only ever power up for 10-15 seconds per blast. If it’s used for more than a minute at a time, it will automatically switched off. Again, this is a fantastic way to cut down on energy used, all the while making sure people can get their hands cleaned and dried as quickly as possible.

These dryers are in the mid-range price-wise, though they hold plenty of their own benefits in comparison with cheaper and more premium models. Why not take a look at these bathroom accessories and compare?


Mini Jet Dryers

Mini jet dryers are super compact and are built to offer incredible airflow and heat for their size. They are also very affordable, and therefore cost-effective for many businesses and bodies. Don’t always judge by size alone, as these systems are amazingly powerful!

These dryers can be commonly used in public buildings such as station terminals and schools, and are built to encourage good hygiene.


Canterbury Dryers

The Canterbury range of efficient hand dryers is very popular with our customers. These systems are built without heating elements, which means there is less energy spent on getting powered up and delivering hot air. What’s more, it won’t expend nearly as much energy or time on getting hands cleaned and dried.

Businesses opt for this model when they look for stunning design and energy saving properties. What’s more, good hygiene is obviously built into its simple yet effective look.


Rodan Dryers

Rodan touch free stainless steel hand dryer

Finally, we at Sanitaryware are pleased to stock affordable Rodan dryers, which may look a little different from the others we’ve explored so far. However, they are just as efficient and just as cost-effective – if not more so.

Stainless steel manufacture promotes bacterial control, while it offers complete no-touch control for total hygiene relief. It has an adjustable sensor, too, which means you can fix it to a variety of wall spaces and heights. It’s one of the most flexible and adaptable hand dryers and bathroom accessories we support.


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Buying hand dryers for your business or premises doesn’t have to be a tricky affair. We have a variety of fantastic models and systems which are energy-focused, hygiene-promoting and which won’t cost you the earth to run on a regular basis. Therefore, why not take a closer look at what we have to offer through our catalogue?

If you’re having difficulty finding the best hand dryer to fit your washroom or premises, contact our team for advice. Call us on 01157 842769 or email us via web form for more details – at your convenience!

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