Commercial Stainless Steel Wash Trough Installation for Schools and Stadia

COVID-19 has changed the way that many of us – if not all of us – live and work from day to day. Hygiene, if it wasn’t before, is now a bigger focus than ever. While the coronavirus is still active in society, it makes sense for public businesses and buildings to invest in wash trough systems, for example, to make sure that people keep clean and safe in all that they do.

Whether you are looking for a stainless steel trough for your school, or a stainless steel trough sink for use at a sports club or stadium, it makes sense to opt for a long-lasting, hygienic build – one which is easy to use, simple to install outside or inside, and which people heading into and through your premises will be able to use to sanitise themselves through handwashing with minimal fuss.

At Sanitaryware, we are pleased to have already supplied stainless steel wash trough installations to R Mays, Echelford and Maes Garmon Schools – and if your school or college is keen to help tighten up your hygiene regimen, we will be more than happy to supply to you and your faculty, too!


Hand Washing Made Easy

Keeping kids clean – as well as stadium-goers – isn’t an easy task. Not only is it difficult to enforce social distancing in some cases, encouraging good hygiene means you will need to do more than just put up a few well-meaning posters.

school wash troughWash trough systems, are recommended particularly in school settings. This is because they are easy to monitor and manage throughout. For example, before pupils head into school for their first lessons of the day, you can be sure to have a teacher or monitor on the door to keep a close eye on children who approach the trough. If they don’t wash their hands, they are not coming in!

Our stainless steel wash troughs are easy to use and are built with bacterial resistance in mind. While it is easy to clean down our troughs from use to use, you will also benefit from the fact that stainless steel is already anti-microbial to an impressive extent.

What’s more, one-touch and no touch wash trough systems will be easy for kids of all ages to use. There are no taps or switches which you will need to handle multiple times. Simply wave your hand over a sensor, or  press the tap once for water, mix with soap, rinse, and dry. It is an excellent system to have in place to help encourage young children – as well as older kids – to keep clean and safe.


Resistant and Robust

Enforcing hygiene measures such as social distancing and mask wearing during the pandemic has been very difficult for some business owners. Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that hygiene is not a cause for concern. Sadly, there are also people who will cause vandalism in the face of such matters. Crowd control at stadiums is always a must – as is door security – and installing a stainless steel wash trough alongside will make sure that you only ever admit people who are clean to come in.

If there is one piece of advice that has remained steadfast during the pandemic, it’s that we should all be regularly washing our hands. In a stadium setting, you can install a no touch or one-touch wash trough system for visitors to use and sanitise with before entering. Carefully installed to outside walls, you can be assured that invisible plumbing and robust attachments will make sure they hold in place with no complaint.

We’ve also made sure to design and build wash troughs which are remarkably resistant to vandalism. Unfortunately, we do anticipate that some people may wish to cause damage to external fittings. Therefore, you can be assured that our wash troughs will stand up to even the most aggressive of attacks.



stainless steel wash trough sinkAre Wash Troughs Here to Stay?

We are all hoping that the pandemic conditions will end soon. However, it is clear that we, as a nation, may not be doing enough with regard to everyday hygiene in the first place. Therefore, even post-COVID-19, we will encourage schools and stadia owners to consider setting up external wash troughs to help stem the spread of a variety of different diseases and conditions.

It is not just coronavirus which can spread easily from unwashed hands. Colds, strains of flu and more besides – all are potentially lurking on your visitor’s palms.

Therefore, make sure to get in touch with Sanitaryware today and take a look at our wash trough systems – and start making hygiene a priority again.

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