Eye Wash and Safety Shower combination

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Eye Wash and Safety Shower combination


This free-standing eye wash and safety shower combination offers a great H&S solution in a small footprint.

Manufactured by DELABIE from 304 stainless steel, this eye wash and shower combination will provide peace of mind for many years to come.

A triangular handle operates ¼-turn nickel plated brass valves allowing the shower and eye wash to be used simultaneously. Alternatively, a foot pedal or hand control can be used to operate the eye wash only.

The two spray heads deliver 20lpm at 3 bar. When not in use, they are protected by caps formed from shockproof ABS which will automatically eject when the eye wash station is activated. Once activated, the station remains on until switched off.

The circular shower head, with a diameter of 250mm, delivers a rapid flow of water for fast decontamination – 70 lpm at 1 bar dynamic pressure (120 lpm at 3 bar dynamic pressure).

This quality product from DELABIE is also supplied with the identification sign “Eye Wash”.

For more compact spaces not requiring a shower, we also stock a Wall-mounted Eye Wash Station.

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Technical Data

Drop height2115mm
Flow rate120 lpm at 3 bar
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