Floor-standing ILHA JR drinking fountain

Product Code: 180110

£373.00 excl VAT

This floor-standing drinking fountain has a height of 800mm making it easily accessible and ideal for younger children.


This floor-standing drinking fountain is made from high-quality, Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel. The drinking fountain has a height of 800mm making it ideal for younger children.

The Bacteriostatic nature of this product makes it ideal for schools where there will be multiple users throughout the day and harsh cleaning chemicals would not be suitable. The flat, perforated waste, which does not require screws, is both vandal resistant and makes for even easier cleaning.

The instant shut-off and adjustable flow-rate saves both water and improves ease of use.

The drinking fountain has a M3/8” inlet and a 1 1/4” waste outlet. All fixing elements are included with the product which is manufactured by DELABIE.

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