Grate Seal® Bucket Trap

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The Grate Seal® Bucket Trap can be retrofitted and is suitable for any drainage outlet.


The Grate Seal® bucket trap is suitable for any drainage outlet as it is installed under the grate. It can be retrofitted and, unlike stainless steel varieties, this bucket trap doesn’t prevent the operation of fire

It features a nylon basket with a polyurethane black  canister. The bucket is removable for maintenance

No fixing required as the seal stays in place through friction

Recommended for use in any environment and includes a 10 year guarantee.

Grate Seal® is a range of durable self-fitting seals, perfect for any drain causing odour issues or requiring vermin protection.

Only distributed in the UK by Sanitaryware Supplies Company, the self-fitting seals can be retrofitted to any existing floor drains, providing odour prevention and ‘pest-proofing’, making it ideal for a a range of domestic, commercial and industrial environments, including morgues, abattoirs, oil refineries, processing and manufacturing plants as it creates a barrier between potentially flammable liquids.

It is both easy to install and can be fitted to new and existing facilities.

Sanitaryware Supplies Company also stocks other items from the Gentec Grate Seal® range including the 50mm, 100mm/80mm and Stubby 100mm seals

Price on asking. Please get in touch and let us know your requirements.

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