Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer – white

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Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer – white


The Ascot Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer from Stream Hygiene is one of the only nozzle dryers in the UK to operate at 900W, giving it a dry time of 15 – 18 seconds. The average hand dry uses only 3.75W of energy making this an energy efficient hand dryer ideal for schools, offices, public changing rooms and general washroom applications.

It is extremely user-friendly, featuring a 360 degree nozzle, a no touch operation which reduces cross contamination, and a blue LED downlight focussed on the user’s hands.

The Ascot hand dryer is yet another innovation from the market leading manufacturer of hand drying solutions and accessories, Stream Hygiene.

The Stream Hygiene Ascot Automatic Nozzle Hand Dryer is also available in polished stainless steel.

Technical Data

Dry Time15-18 Seconds
Air speed26m/s
Noise: 70Db
SizeW270 x H237 x D208 (mm)
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