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Hygienic Hand rub Disinfectant 600ml pump bottle

Viridis hygienic hand rub disinfectant in 600ml pump bottles (sold in lots of 10) :

Unique Benefits
• Unique water based Quat-free formulation
• RBT’s disruptive technology providing sustained proven efficacy of up to 4 hours
• Colour, fragrance & alcohol free
• Broad spectrum efficacy
• 100% biodegradable ingredients
• Kills 99.999% of test organisms
• Effective within 60 seconds
• Halal approved
• Gentle on hands due to innovative formulation using natural Chitosan
(naturally occuring biomaterials)

99.999% Antiviral
Protectus products are proven
to be effective against Corona
viruses, Norovirus, H1N1 etc.

99.9999% Antibacterial
Protectus products are
effective from 60 seconds
against bacteria such as MRSA,
E.coli, Listeria etc.
Long Lasting Efficacy
Unlike Alcohol based products
that evaporates quickly,

Protectus products are water
based that has been proven
to provide long lasting efficacy
and does not dry skin.
Destroys Biofilm
Kills & inhibits biofilm that
harbour harmful pathogens
and prevents bacterial


Die Pat

Die Pat are the UK's leading supplier of specialised catering equipment hardware, spares and plumbing components within the food service industry.


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