NOFER Aluminium-Nylon Reclining Mirror

Product Code: 08025

£298.75 excl VAT

NOFER aluminium-nylon reclining mirror


This NOFER mirror is specially designed for use in bathrooms for disabled users, with an adjustable tilt angle, equipped with reclining deck for wall attachment.

Durable aluminium framework coated in white nylon for ease of cleaning and corrosion resistance.

Maximum inclination 13º.

Dimensions: 630 height x 570 width x 105 depth (mm).

Spanish manufacturer produces more than 1000 sanitary and stainless steel products at its manufacturing facility in Barcelona. The attention to detail and a focus on quality control to supply products that meet the customers’ needs means that NOFER is now one of the leading suppliers for mobility technical aids units in the industry offering a range of both aluminium and stainless steel units.

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