NOFER Ergonomic vertical outlet toilet pan kit

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NOFER Ergonomic vertical outlet toilet pan kit with cistern and seat cover


This NOFER toilet kit is equipped with a vertical outlet toilet bowl, a cistern formed from chemical-resistant, durable ABS and a seat cover.

Toilet Bowl

The ergonomic toilet bowl incorporates an open-front design for disabled and elderly users – ideal for public bathrooms. Made from white ceramic design, allows for easy cleaning due to its smooth surface. Ideal for places with any frequency of use.


Made from ABS White Thermoplastic, this cistern will easily withstand years of use thanks to its chemical resistant and flexible properties.

Ergonomic Seat 

This ergonomic seat, complete with lid, incorporates a front opening for the use of bidet systems to improve usability for less-able users. Made from white polyester.

Technical Data

Toilet Bowl:
100 mm Ø drain
Dimensions: 480 mm x 350 mm x 600 mm
Dimensions: 320 mm x 445 mm x 123 mm
Includes toilet connection tube (40 mm Ø) and toilet inlet (370 x 200 mm)
Ergonomic Seat: 
Maximum dimensions: 55 mm x 370 mm x 490 mm
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