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NOFER Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Unit


NOFER stainless steel horizontal wall mounted baby changing unit



This NOFER wall mounted baby changing unit features a concave changing surface with an adjustable strap and towel dispenser or sanitary bags for ease of use.

Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and high strength plastic, the unit is easy to clean, with a smooth finish and no sticking points.

It is also available as a recessed unit.

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Data Sheet

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and high-strength plastic, smooth finish with no sticking points.
Concave changing surface and adjustable strap.
Minimum holding capacity 180 Kg.
The strength of the supporting wall and hardware must be adequate to support the rated load.
Dimensions: height 648 mm x width 940 mm x depth 550 mm (open) / depth 103 mm (closed).
Recommended installation height for compliance with ADA Accessibility.
standards: about 82 cm from the finished floor.
Installation: mount unit to wood wall studs using four (Ø10x51) lag screws provided (or other fasteners appropriate for wall conditions) through mounting holes in rear wall of cabinet. For masonry walls use appropriate anchors (not provided). Use washers and snap covers provided.

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