Stream Hygiene Plasma FastDry Hand Dryer – White

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Stream Hygiene Plasma FastDry Hand Dryer – White


Ideal for schools, offices, public changing rooms and general washroom applications, the Stream Hygiene Plasma FastDry Hand Dryer offers a healthy new approach to hand drying. It not only delivers a 10 second dry, but provides instant infection control; helping reduce sickness in the workplace.

This Plasma Dryer has Built in Plasma technology which actively kills bacteria on hands. Also it has a Blue LED downlight and a internal switch to select to warm or ambient airflow.

Plasma FastDry is a new method of killing harmful bacteria as it deodorises shared environments, and stops the growth of mildew and air pollution. Plasma Technology kills 80% of bacteria upon contact, preventing the spread of germs such as E.coli, C.diff and MRSA on and around your hands naturally without the need for chemicals.

The Stream Hygiene Plasma FastDry Hand Dryer is produced by the market leading manufacturers of hand drying solutions and accessories. Based in the UK, Stream Hygiene is continually innovating and offers solutions across all sectors.

in addition to white, the Strean Hygiene Plasma FastDry Hand Dryer is also available in satin stainless steel.

Technical Data

IPX1 Rated
Sound Level 8db
Air Velocity95 m/s
Adjustable Power550W - 1400W
Supply Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz
295mm x 320mm x 220mm(H x W x D)
White steel
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