Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder

Product Code: RODX672

£52.00 excl VAT

Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder


Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder with spindle system for wall mounting. It is made from stainless steel and has a surface satin finished, with a material thickness of 0.8 mm.

It has a folded front cover and a cylinder lock with standard key, for 2 rolls with max. Ø 120 mm. The second roll will be released after consumption of first roll, with spindles. The reserve roll is not visible.

Includes stainless steel screws and dowels.

Technical Data

Gross weight2.38 kg
Materialstainless steel
Material code1.4301 Chrome Nickel steel V2A
Net weight2.15 kg
Overall depth138.00 mm
Overall height301.00 mm
Overall width144.00 mm
Type of mountingwall mounting
Filling quantity2
Filling quantity uomrolls
Maximum depth/diameter of consumable115.00 mm
Maximum width of consumable115.00 mm

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