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The DELABIE SECURITHERM time flow shower panel is made from thermal aluminium and designed for surface mounting, making it ideal for shallow and solid walls. The aluminium body is epoxy-coated to improve its resistance to corrosion and scratches.

HSG guidelines state that where a significant risk of scalding has been identified, point-of-use TMVs should be considered to deliver water at safe temperatures to protect the users from any risks of scalding. SECURITHERM thermostatic mixers regulate the temperature precisely, even if there are pressure variations between the hot and cold-water supplies.

The durability and low maintenance nature of this SECURITHERM shower makes it ideal for busy public areas such as pools, gyms, schools, detention centres and many more.

For added safety, the shower has built-in anti-scalding protection. The shower will cut off should the cold-water supply fail. This is an ideal feature where there are multiple appliances demanding water at the same time.

The concealed, flexible, M1/2” inlets mean that the sleek finish and its versatility are not compromised.

With adjustable temperature control, 38’C with the 1st limiter and 41’C with the 2nd limiter, the shower can be altered to maximise comfort as well as save energy. The fixed flow rate of six lpm and 30 second time flow also saves up to 80% water, further reducing environmental impact and running costs.


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