SHA XS squat WC pan – With siphon

Product Code: 113720

£263.00 excl VAT

SHA XS squat WC pan – With siphon

This seam-free, floor-recessed squat pan is manufactured by DELABIE from Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel with a polished satin finish.

The low maintenance nature of this product, thanks to its seamless, one-piece design, makes it ideal for any intensive use.

The bowl is suitable for both male and female users and has a non-slip foot area for safety.

The WC pan has a 100mm vertical waste outlet and a 304 stainless steel flushing system making this WC pan durable and water-efficient.

The stainless steel P Trap siphon welded to the squat pan prevents sewer gases from rising up through the waste pipe. Its siphon also prevents debris clogging deep in the plumbing system ensuring potential blockages are less frequent and maintenance even easier.

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