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Built by DELABIE and controlled by the SPORTING time flow valve. This shower is designed for intensive use and a long-life span.

The shower features a recessed design and is built for wall mounting. The durability, efficiency and low maintenance nature of this shower makes it ideal for busy public areas such as pools, gyms, schools, detention centres and many more. A flow time of 30 seconds) saves water as it will not run if unattended and its six lpm flow rate further reduces running costs and environmental impact.

For use in highly frequented public places, the scale resistant, tamper-proof, chrome plated shower head is scratch resistant and is also easy to clean. Furthermore, the shower head has an automatic flow regulator. For ease of use, the shower is operated by a soft-touch button.

It has a M1/2” top inlet supply for use with mixed water. All of the supplied stainless steel fixing screws are corrosion resistant and the kit also includes a 6/8 connecting pipe and junction boxes.


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