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Stainless steel urinal with rinsing system



A Stainless steel urinal with hybrid rinsing system , the hybrimatic fino.

The Wall-hung individual urinal with HYBRIMATIC hybrid rinsing system comprises of:
– Battery-operated by 123 6V Lithium batteries.
– Concealed fluid detector.
– Waste with membrane and no water level.
– Electronics integrated into the urinal.
– Micro-rinse for one second after each user in Eco programme (or 3 seconds in comfort programme).
– High frequency mode: rinse takes place at the end of the busy period.
– Hygienic duty flush for 7 seconds every 24 hours in Eco programme (or for 14 seconds every 12 hours in comfort programme): prevents bad smells and blockages in the pipework.
– Flow rate pre-set at 0.07 L/sec. at 3 bar, can be adjusted.
– Stopcock.
FINO wall-hung rimless urinal:
– Compatible with all standard frame systems on the market.
– Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel.
– Stainless steel thickness: 1.2mm.
– Rear water inlet.
– Recessed horizontal waste outlet.

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