Stainless steel liquid soap dispenser with soft touch operation – 0.5 litre

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Stainless steel wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser with soft touch operation – 0.5 litre


Delabie liquid soap dispenser with  a soft touch operation designed for improved use with less waste.

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel in a satin polish finish with a one-piece hinged cover, this dispenser is easy to clean and maintain with up to 20 times less bacterial retention than similar products made from other materials.

With a non-drip and anti-blocking system, even if the button is pressed for long periods.

Reservoir prevents long-term stagnation of soap. Viewing window allows soap level to be checked.

For vegetable-based liquid soap with a maximum viscosity of 3,000 mPa.s.

Technical Data

Height 185mm
Depth 90mm
Width 105mm
Thickness 1mm
Finish 304 polished satin stainless steel
Warranty 10 years
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