Stainless Steel Washtrough – 2400mm

Product Code: SSC2400

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Stainless Steel Washtrough – 2400mm


This 2400mm stainless steel washtrough is perfect for the most effective use of space in a washroom. The washtrough has a ledge which is available to be fitted with four taps, meaning it is suitable for four users at one time.

The product is manufactured with 1.2mm thick stainless steel to increase the durability and longevity of the washtrough. It comes with an optional rear splash back to reduce any water damage to the wall.

Being wall-mounted means that it is easy to fit and can be screw-fixed to the wall with brackets supporting the base. The product is available with a trap cover and waste fitting.

Bespoke lengths are available on request. A 1800m one is available here and a 1200mm one is available here.

Technical Data

2400mm Washtrough
1.2mm Thick Stainless Steel
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