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Washroom odour eliminator

The Washroom Odour Eliminator  from Stream Hygiene uses the most advanced technology, photo-plasma, photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) ozone and negative ions to get rid of bad smells in the washroom. The combination of these four important technologies results in high level oxidation (plus the action of ultra violet), which significantly reduces all the polluting organic matter and odours in the air. Low noise,compact unit and saving energy motor making the odour Eliminator very popular in all environments.

The Odour Eliminator can be moved from room to room or wall mounted. Available in black or white (specify at time of ordering)

Option to turn ozone off for occupied rooms and still get rid of bad odours.
‘Fit & Forget’ – no monthly consumables just replaces UV bulbs once a year.
Hard wired/wall mounted or free-standing plug & play (portable). Variable output for 5-30 m2 rooms (larger areas require upgrade pack).

Suitable for applications such as:

• Care Homes
• Hospitals
• Washrooms
• Rail carriages
• Nursing Homes
• Commercial kitchens
• Veterinary Practices

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2 Year Warranty
£15 Delivery
48hr Delivery


Stream Hygiene

Stream Hygiene Ltd are an established British company offering innovative products for the washroom.
Steam Hygiene


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