Sluice Sinks / Hoppers

Our stainless steel Sluice Sinks and Slop Hoppers are ideal for use in hospitals, medical practices, GP surgeries and nursing homes – with their hygienic properties as they are made from austenitic stainless steel…


What are they used for?

Sluice sinks act as toilets in that they have a flush mechanism (exposed or duct service) to dispose of clinical waste such as vomit bowls, bedpans and drainage bags; but are used only in areas where extra hygiene is of high importance. It is important to use them in medical environments as simply flushing the waste can lead to the spread of diseases due to cross contamination and the spread of highly infectious diseases.


Hygienic and easy to clean

All of the sluice sinks we supply are made from high quality antibacterial stainless steel, meaning they are not only durable, but are also hygienic – making them ideal for medical practices. The flushing of the hopper is via a concealed flushing rim providing a continuous curtain of water around the surface area. The easy cleaning property of the stainless steel is ideal for their use, as they will need to be cleaned after every use for maximum hygiene. In addition to this, the sluice sinks have a soil pipe with a ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap, ensuring that unpleasant smells cannot make their way up through the drain.

Which style sluice sink is best for you?

Our sinks come in two options – wall mounted or floor standing – meaning you can ensure that you find the right product to fit your washroom or medical practice perfectly. We can also fit the units into cupboard bases to allow for storage. All of our sluice sinks comply with the latest healthcare standards HBN 00-10 HTM64 If neither of these options work with your current layout and fittings, here at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company we offer bespoke products where required, meaning we are able to offer a solution for a slop hopper that will meet your exact requirements.

Need further information?

At The Sanitaryware Supplies Company, we are always happy to help! Get in contact with one of our professional team to find out more about the right sluice sinks / slop hoppers for your purpose, or to learn more about our bespoke services. Call us on 01157 842769 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team.

Sluice Sinks / Hoppers - Bestsellers

Below you can find the most popular products from our range, all of which are ideal for use in commercial washrooms, such as a restaurant, school or leisure facilities, as well as in public washrooms, healthcare and care home environments. If you are looking for a reputable sanitary ware company, visit our shop to see our full range of products.

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