Taps and Water dispensing

Where can our taps be used?

At The Sanitaryware Supplies Company we offer a wide range of commercial taps for use in offices, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings. Our taps are suitable for use in public, industrial or commercial environments, and with our selection of different styles, you will always able to find the right one to suit your purposes.

Our extensive range…

Whether you are looking for taps to use in a public or private bathroom, our variety of commercial sink taps means you can prevent water wastage and increase hygiene based on the style you opt for. Our manual taps are great for basic bathrooms, or applications where there is less worry about forgetting to turn them off. If you are purchasing taps for a school, for example, it may be more practical to go for self-closing taps as they turn off automatically to prevent them from being left running, which could lead to water wastage and overflowing of the basin. To increase hygiene in places such as hospitals and multi use public areas such as sports centres, you could opt for our no touch sensor tap range. They offer the added benefit of improved hygiene by eliminating the need to physically touch the fixture to turn the water on or off. Sensor taps are very simple to operate. The sensor detects hand movement to operate and the water stops after a predetermined time, also preventing water wastage.

Our Commercial Taps are made to last…

Our commercial taps are made from high quality polished chromium-plated brass and stainless steel, meaning they are durable and unlikely to corrode. By choosing our temperature controlled taps, you can mix hot and cold to create the perfect temperature water to wash your hands in, saving the need for an additional in line thermostatic mixing valve. The taps we offer have simple but elegant designs, meaning they will look great with any sink or wash basin, and will match any washroom design.

Need advice or extra information?

If you are interested in finding out more about the selection of commercial sink taps we offer and how they could benefit your business, public bathroom, or other commercial building, you can get in contact with our expert team on 01157 842769.

Taps and Water dispensing - Bestsellers

Below you can find the most popular products from our range, all of which are ideal for use in commercial washrooms, such as a restaurant, school or leisure facilities, as well as in public washrooms, healthcare and care home environments. If you are looking for a reputable sanitary ware company, visit our shop to see our full range of products.

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