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Whether you are looking for a sink for a catering environment, restaurant, cafe, or anything in between, we offer an extensive range of commercial sinks to suit any business. Our sinks are perfect for public and commercial use as they are simple, durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

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Our sinks are made from high quality austenitic stainless steel meaning they are hygienic, strong, long lasting and easy to clean. The hygienic properties make our commercial stainless steel sinks ideal for use in restaurant kitchens, schools, nursing homes and other environments which need to maintain hygiene and have a durable product. The material is used to withstand even the busiest, most rigorous commercial kitchens, and the easy cleaning property of the stainless steel means it shouldn’t be a big job to keep it clean.

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The range of styles and sizes we offer means you can get a sink which fits perfectly and has the right amount of space and storage for your specific needs. If you are looking for a commercial kitchen sink for a catering environment, for example, you may opt for a single or double drainer sink with a storage shelf below for maximum practicality. We have options for both standard and bespoke sinks, so no matter where you are going to use it, you can ensure you have a product that meets your requirements by choosing our commercial sinks.

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If you’re looking for a commercial kitchen sink, we offer the full range to suit any business or public place. They are especially popular in catering environments as they have a heavy duty construction, are hygienic and can easily be wiped clean. Get in contact with one of our professional team on 01157 842769 to find out more about our range and how our sinks could benefit your business.

Utility Sinks - Bestsellers

Below you can find the most popular products from our range, all of which are ideal for use in commercial washrooms, such as a restaurant, school or leisure facilities, as well as in public washrooms, healthcare and care home environments. If you are looking for a reputable sanitary ware company, visit our shop to see our full range of products.

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